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So much has happened in 2015. Now we’re on the other side of Christmas, it’s hard to believe that Christmas is already passed, and we’re approaching the new year 2016.

Mat Staver: Matt, we have produced this multi-page report. It’s called the 2015 Year End Report, it’s entitled “Battle for Religious Liberty Escalates in 2015 as Supreme Court Unleashes Assault on Religious Freedom.” Of course that’s regarding the marriage opinion. Leaders from around the country, including Franklin Graham and other national and, frankly, international leaders to sign onto the marriage pledge.

Also, [to] issue a full-page ad in The Washington Post and USA Today newspapers with regards to the directive that they could not, would not be able to honor the rebellious, lawless opinion on the matter of marriage.

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Of course the Supreme Court went ahead anyway and we have been continuing to lead the fight, not the least of with the Kim Davis case with regards to marriage around the country.

Matt Barber: Yea Mat, Liberty Counsel has really been at the forefront, has led, in terms of taking this lawless, unconstitutional decision and saying that it is illegitimate, and that it should be treated as illegitimate and treating this decision as illegitimate.

And you mentioned Kim Davis. Boy, her case is just one example of how, when a person in the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. engages in civil resistance, to tyranny — and that’s what we’re talking about here. We know the Left they use this new-fangled notion of so-called “gay marriage,” the primary purpose of it is a hammer against religious liberty.

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