Liberals Fear Brazil’s Newly Elected Ultra-Conservative President

This past weekend, Brazil faced an election much like that of the United States in 2016, pitting a leftist socialist against a conservative political outsider.

Like the 2016 US election, the conservative political outsider, Jair Bolsonaro won the election, but unlike the 2016 US election, he won decisively.

Now, liberals around the world and the media are already warning about some of the policies of Bolsonaro, some of which echo Donald Trump’s with wanting to put his country first and restore some off the values and principles that have been destroyed by prior politicians.

Liberals say Bolsonaro is offensive because he is against homosexuality and the LGBTQ movement.

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VoxJair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s next president, summed up his far-right campaign with the slogan“Brazil before everything, and God above all.”

Think of it as Brazil’s version of “America First.”

That campaign carried Bolsonaro to a decisive victory in the country’s presidential runoff on Sunday. He won 55 percent of the vote, easily defeating leftist candidate Fernando Haddad.

Bolsonaro appealed to Brazilians by promising to “break the system” and depart from the status quo after a tumultuous few years. Brazil suffered from a deep recession starting in 2016. That economic crisis was accompanied by political turmoil, as a massive corruption scandal unspooled in the country at the highest levels of government and business, leaving few high-profile leaders unscathed.

Against this backdrop, a rise in violent crime has left some voters yearning for order and security, which Bolsonaro — an ex-military officer — promised to deliver…

Another thing that scares the liberal left is that Bolsonaro wants to restore law and order to his country, much like what Trump has been trying to do here in the US.

Since many liberals don’t always operate within the law, restoring law and order is something they don’t want and can’t tolerate.

Bolsonaro also embraces a strong military, something that Trump also has been trying to do after Obama spent 8 years destroying our military.

No wonder evangelicals in Brazil supported and voted for Bolsonaro.



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