Liberal Newspaper Admits Positive Economy & Border Security Helping GOP in Midterms

The Washington Post is not as liberal as other newspapers but they are far from being conservative either.

Only 2 days before the midterm elections, the Washington Post says that Democrats still have some advantage for the race for control of the House.

They are relying on the polls and surveys that are largely conducted by liberal organizations that favor Democrats and probably taken in largely Democratic areas.

However, the Washington Post also admitted that the positive economy and jo market along with a growing public concern about border security, appears to be helping many Republicans gain the support and votes of the people.

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Washington Post – Heading into Tuesday’s critical midterm elections, Democrats retain their advantage in the battle for the House, but Republicans could be buoyed by increasingly positive assessments of the economy and by President Trump’s harsh focus on the issues of immigration and border security, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News national poll.

The poll finds that registered voters prefer Democratic candidates for the House over Republican candidates by 50 percent to 43 percent. That marks a slight decline from last month, when Democrats led on the generic congressional ballot by 11 points, and a bigger drop from August, when they enjoyed a 14-point advantage.

Democrats also have a 51-to- 44 percent advantage among likely voters identified by The Post. That seven-point margin, which is in line with other polls taken in the past two weeks, puts Democrats roughly within range of what they probably will need in the overall national vote for the House to capture a majority from the Republicans, based on calculations from previous midterm campaigns…

The bottom line that every voter needs to consider when they go to the polls is how important is their job and the security of our nation?

They need to understand that record numbers of black, Hispanic and female Americans are working than I many decades.

President Trump and Republicans have done more for them in less than 2 years than Obama did in 8 years.

It’s already costing US taxpayers over $100 billion a year for the illegal aliens already here.

Additionally, they need to realize America cannot afford to take in every migrant and refugee fleeing poverty and violence.



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