Liberal Leftism, Worldviews, and The Enemy Within

Persons who have a liberal Leftist world view see groups of people according to race and gender and sexual desires as like a symbiotic bee hive or ant farm. If one person does something bad, everybody in that group is responsible and therefore inherently just as bad. But notice that these people on the Left conveniently ignore the group they belong in when it comes to this logic.

For example, Leftist women blame all men for the men who engage in sexual misconduct and believe that all men are therefore responsible. But those same women conveniently forget (or ignore) about the fact that there hardly has been a week that has gone by for decades now without a new story about a female schoolteacher charged with having sexual relations with her underage students. So by the logic of the Lefty women, if all men are evil and responsible for other men who actually engaged in evil conduct, then the same would have to be true for all women when it comes to the teacher sex abuse epidemic.

What insanity… to think of people in this way, rather than as individuals responsible and accountable for their own actions. One really can’t expect to reason with people who are drinking and then spitting out this poisonous “kool-aid,” can they?

“The Left depends on intersectional politics in order to survive. It will typically pitch intersectionality as some kind of bonding factor between identity groups promoting social categories such as race, gender, so-called “sexual orientation” (which is pseudo science, btw) and class, which all share similar sentiments of “oppression,” “marginalized,” and “disadvantage.” Once all of these groups have created a tight overlapping culture of wallowing self-victimization, they can place their aggregated weight on winning a specific political goal.

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The success of this unifying phenomenon relies heavily, ironically, on social division. Here’s why: without the stark division of humans into social groups solely based on demographic factors such as color and sexuality, identity politics would not exist. Without identity politics, intersectional politics would not be necessary; and without intersectional politics, the Left’s unifying tactic thus far fails. Using the victim narrative and promoting social division can only work in their favor for so long… until it works against them.” – PARDES SELEH

So who is to blame for the increase of sexual misconduct and inappropriateness in our society? Well, the individuals who commit such acts are to blame first and foremost.
They alone are responsible and should be held accountable. That being stated, let us keep in mind that not every case is the same and we need to evaluate these cases one by one based on the veracity and evidence of the accusations. People are innocent until proven guilty and deserve their due process. But let us assume that all those who are being accused as of late are guilty. Now what? How did we get here? Is it who’s to blame as much as what to blame? Has anybody asked that question yet?

Ladies and gentlemen, it is WHAT and NOT WHO that is to blame, and I give you the liberal Leftist world view…

(1.) The liberal Leftist worldview is the worldview that has been pushing all kinds and all types of faux identities based on sexual behaviors and do so in the name of liberation and/or freedom.

(2.) The liberal Leftist worldview is what embraces and propagates the destructive idea that sexual desires is what a person is rather than what they may feel or what they may do.

(3.) The liberal Leftist worldview Left was and still is at the forefront of arguing (and succeeded on a cultural level) that watching and looking at pornography is the same thing as exercising ones freedom of speech/first amendment right.

(4.) The liberal Leftist world view is the world view that has and still does argue for making babies disposable (abortion), giving men and women the ultimate OUT of any consequences for their sexual behaviors and out of any reason to remain connected with one another, as well as making it easy for sex traffickers and rapists to get away with their crimes.

(5.) The liberal Leftist worldview champion sexual perversion icons like Alfred Kinsey and Hugh Hefner.

(6.) Those who embrace the liberal Leftist world view of the sexual revolution started the “casting couch” epidemic in Hollywood.

(7.) The liberal Leftist worldview preaches that people are sexual beings from birth as “scientific fact.”

(8.) The liberal Leftists worldview is the worldview that taught people to embrace the notion that sexual compatibility between a man and a woman has no more value than test driving a car, that complementarities between men and women is both fiction and/or oppressive, and that marriage is just some kind of oppressive institution or social construct that has no more value than a piece of paper.

(9.) The liberal Leftist worldview put forth the notion that consent is the only thing that matters when it comes to sex and not how much connection and not the quality or value of that connection between men and women.

(10.) The liberal Leftist worldview are the ones who mock and ridicule Christians who exercise celibacy or chastity.

(11.) The liberal Leftist worldview has taught people to mock, snicker, sneer, and ridicule people who wait until marriage to have sex.

(12.) The liberal Leftist worldview is the world view that involves the ones who have protests of contradiction involving flashing and exposing their body parts and wearing vagina hats making everything about their sex parts, while yelling at everybody they are more than their body parts.

(13.) The liberal Leftist worldview is the worldview that has taught people to advocate overt sexualization in the name of “empowerment” for women.

(14.) The liberal Leftist worldview pushes and promotes the idea that distinctions between female and male should be shunned and denied.

(15.) Though there are instances of hypocrisy and fallen away examples we can point to when it comes to Christians and Conservatives dealing with sexual immorality, it is those who embrace a liberal Leftist world view who have affirmed, enabled, encouraged, celebrated, pushed, promoted sexual immorality as a public movement on society including children and have done so under the false narrative and banners of “freedom, liberation, diversity, tolerance, acceptance, and empowerment.”

(16.) It is the liberal Leftist worldview that has worked so hard to emasculate and feminize men (i.e. holding the door for a woman is a form of chauvinism) into a problem of mass listlessness when it comes to men being protectors and providers.

(17.) It is the liberal Leftist worldview that brought us celebrating like divorce parties, sex toy parties, stripper pole classes at gyms, and magazines that glorify fornication and how to seduce other people sexually.

(18.) It is the liberal Leftist worldview that brought s us TV shows and movies that portray many sexual encounters with little to no consequence. It is the Leftist worldview that gives us things like “Sex in the City” and “Girls Gone Wild.”

(19.) It is a liberal Leftist world view that gave us a highly sexualized culture as the new normal for both men and women.

(20.) It is the liberal Leftist worldview that rejects the Biblical boundary setting of “deny thyself” and instead preaches that not acting on your urges is just a form of repression.

(21.) It is the liberal Leftist worldview that taught us that self-restraint and self-control is overrated, that the more you tell people not to do something, the more they are going to want to do it and the more they will do it. (How many abortions have we committed before and since Roe v Wade told our society it is now okay to slaughter our babies in the womb? More or less?)

(22.) It is the liberal Leftist worldview that is telling women to pee themselves in order to prevent a rapist from raping them rather than learning self-defense and carry a gun for self-defense.

(23.) It is the liberal Leftist worldview that ignores and turns a blind eye to how women are treated in the middle east and in Islamic communities within their own society.

(24.) It is the liberal Leftist worldview that forces females to accept men who can simply state, “I believe I am a woman” into their public bathrooms, change rooms, fitting rooms and shower areas.

(25.) It is the liberal Leftist worldview that takes clearly define objective standards of behavior, make them about abstract feelings thus turning standards into moving targets.

(26.) It is those on the Left that embrace the idea that there is really no right or wrong or objective truth. That right and wrong are pretty much adjustable to the clock and the calendar.

Now why wouldn’t all this negatively effect morality of a person or the instincts of nobler motives? How could it not? How could it not influence a culture and society?

My point is this, that people on the Left, whether it be men or women, who have engaged in sexual misconduct ARE ONLY and ULTIMATELY being who they really are…the logical conclusion and outcome of the very worldview they embrace and promote. So what would one expect? As those on the liberal Left continue to embrace and push such a worldview and ideological mess, this is the outcome or outcomes that we should expect from people who hold such a world view. If we don’t see or experience such outcomes from such people, call it luck, call it hypocrisy to the good. The Left never seem to care about their own hypocrisies anyway.

When Christian Conservatives engage in such misconduct, there is to be absolutely no excuse for it. But unlike with liberal Leftism, it is an absolute betrayal and hypocritical of what Christianity and Conservatism is all about.

The problem is the culture and morality that proceeds the Leftist ideology and that worldview in particular that is embraced, pushed, promoted, and even oftentimes celebrated. But these criminal and destructive behaviors are exactly the logical conclusion of a liberal Leftist world view promoted and encouraged in our culture.

Marxism, which today is known as Leftism, corrupts the mind, then the heart, and the soul will follow. It is an absolutely destructive world view that targets and sacrifices the hearts and minds of children, and eventually eats its own. Liberalism alone has only proven to be a “gateway drug” to Leftism. And the people we know (friends and family) who seem to really have it all together that preach a Leftist world view are more than likely not really living out that very worldview they espouse on a day-to-day/consistent basis in their private lives. I guarantee you that. If our liberal Lefty neighbors took their worldview to its logical ends, that is, if they were consistently living it out, there are so many fundamental areas in their lives and livelihoods that would self destruct.

Good, bad, or ugly…ideas have consequences. Not the melanin in a person’s skin and not their genitalia, but the ideas they embrace, push, promote and celebrate within a society. Those on the Left embrace a destructive worldview, and whenever that worldview saws off the branch they are sitting on, they end up blaming everything and anything else but the very ideas it all came from. Go figure.

Look, there are never any guarantees when it comes to people, because we live in an imperfect world with imperfect people (we all are imperfect, both men and women).

But if you really want to minimize the chances of experiencing the trauma of any kind of abuse, I suggest one would stay as far away as possible from the destructive (Leftist) ideologies and world view.

(Side note: How is the Left different from liberals these days? How does liberalism hold back in worldview from getting to Leftism. Now ask yourself the same question when it comes to limited government Constitutional Conservatives and the far right Nationalists who the Left intentionally caricatures together. Some people get annoyed that I make broad general claims about those on the Left. they say, hey they’re not all like that” or “hey they don’t all believe that.” If you are a liberal, or left of center, you are at least an enabler of Leftism. So yes, I’m going to feel very comfortable make broad sweeping general statements and claims about the Left. Find that unfair? Then stop being an enabler. Start challenging the premise and presuppositions of emotionally manipulative argumentation. Stop going along to get along, because you are more concerned about who and how many people will like you, than actually having integrity. Start caring about objective truth.)

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Jason Salamone
Jason Salamone is a former liberal agnostic, but surrendered to Christ on April 7th, 2011 at Liberty Counsel's Awakening conference. A "Movement Conservative," Jason is a no exceptions pro-lifer, and believes that the natural family are foundational to small/limited government. Jason has contributed predominately as a non-editorial research analyst to a variety pro-family activists. When reading his articles, please don't overlook the hyperlinks used to reinforce the facts and data presented.

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