The LGBT Agenda and the Medical Impossibility of ‘Transgenderism’

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Although some segments of society want us to believe that you can change your sex, just like you change your hair color or your clothes, there are some frightening things that you need to know about gender identity disorder. Or as some call it, gender dysphoria.

We’re going to talk about this on Faith and Freedom. I’m Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, joining me is Holly Meade, the Director of Communications for Liberty Counsel.

Mat Staver: As you well know, the so-called LGBT agenda ultimately has, as part of its agenda, the abolition of sex and gender, so that you can literally select what you are in your mind and change from male to female to something neither, or maybe a combination of both at your own desire and will.

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Well, there’s some real problems with this, not the least of which laws that want to force individuals to distort reality and that want to put women at risk, girls at risk, thereby allowing men and boys to use girls’ restrooms, shower rooms, locker rooms, and other private…

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