LGBT Activist Declares: ‘We Need to Start Making Their Lives a Living Hell’

Have you ever heard of Dr. Scott Lively? Me neither, but he’s a conservative Christian who leads a group called Defend the Family International. Dr. Lively has been branded a hatemonger by the Southern Poverty Law Center, so I figure he must be a Great American.

Friday, Dr. Lively and others held a press conference at the National Press Club in D.C. to announce the formation of the Coalition for Family Values, where they issued a press release “praising the Russian Federation for passing pro-family laws and encouraging other nations to follow suit.” Needless to say, gay-rights groups were not happy about this, and the press conference was interrupted by hecklers.

It’s time that the LGBT community forms a new organization that targets homophobes, bigots, religious zealots, religious fanatics, and all other assholes who are against equality, and human and civil rights for all people.
By targeting these bigots, and publishing every little detail of their sex lives, or personal lives, taking pictures through their windows, and getting the pics out on the internet, showing every little thing that they do, including how they wipe their asses when in the bathroom, or for that matter if they’re wiping their asses in the kitchen — we’ve got to catch it on camera.
The time to just sit back and take it, are over with for the LGBT community. We need to get rid of bigots like these homophobic religious assholes, and if it means exposing every little thing about them, then that’s what we need to do.
We need to start making their lives a living hell by constant observation and publishing pics and articles every time they fart, or spit, or even look cross-eyed. It’s obvious these bigots only understand one thing, and that is persecution, discrimination and bigotry.
Here come the LGBT bigots, gonna prey on the religious zealots, fanatics, and bigots who think their shit don’t stink, and think they can control everyone else’s life.

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Eliminationist rhetoric,” as Professor Reynolds would say. And what’s the deal with disrupting a press conference? Wrote Lively of the sabotaged event:

The conference was briefly disrupted when three LGBT activists (one of them a non-English-speaking Russian) stood up to try to read a statement. We did not allow them to control the room, and asked the National Press Club security to remove them, which they did. Upon realizing that they would not be allowed to stay, the leader of the trio, Ellen Sturtz (self-described as an“Angry Old Lesbian“ on her business card) began screaming “I’m a Homo-Fascist!” and tossed a wad of leaflets in the air. They turned out to be flyers with the title “Lively is Deadly” attempting to convey the message that I am a dangerous person who wants to harm homosexuals around the world.

There are multiple layers of irony here: Dr. Lively was supporting the suppression of pro-gay speech in Russia, while the protesters were suppressing anti-gay speech in America. My dangerous extremist idea? Let’s stop suppressing speech.

Remember when what’s-her-name, the actress, “came out” as lesbian at a conference last week? Did conservative Christians heckle her or disrupt her speech? I think not.

By the way, someone should tell Dr. Lively to stop calling these goons “homo-fascists.” They’re actually homo-Marxists.

(Hat-tip: Jeanette Runyon on Twitter.)

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