Lesbian’s Note: She Was Inspired by Homosexual Church to Murder Lover’s Daughter

Two weeks ago, a Daily Mail report said that a Florida mental health counselor accused of murdering her lesbian lover’s two-year-old daughter wrote a note claiming a sermon by a lesbian pastor inspired the killing.

Lesbian tragedy: Police say Kymberley Lucas, 40, (right) killed girlfriend Jacquelyn Jamason’s (left) daughter Elliana (center) and tried to kill her ten-year-old son (lower right).

Kimberly Lucas, 40, is accused of drowning her former lesbian partner Jacquelyn Jamason’s two-year-old daughter Elliana and attempting to kill her 10-year-old son Ethan, according to the Daily Mail.

Lucas wrote in the note that a sermon by Metropolitan Community Church lesbian Pastor Lea Brown “really, really touched” her the day before the revenge killing carried out in response to Jamason ending their relationship. Metropolitan Community Church is a homosexual denomination that twists Scriptures to fit a homosexual “christianity” whose god is friendly to homosexual sin.

Kimberly Lucas claims that she was inspired by a sermon by lesbian reverend Lea Brown telling the story of when God instructed Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac.

“Cops were called to Lucas’ Jupiter, Florida, home for a reported drowning. They found Elliana Lucas-Jamason dead,” said the DailyMail, which added, “Footage of the sermon posted by the church on YouTube shows Brown mention a specific Bible passage, Genesis 22, where God asks Abraham to kill his son Isaac.”

Murdered girl.

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Consistent with her homosexual church, which twists the Bible, Lucas “heard” the voice of their twisted god ordering her to kill the children of her former lesbian partner as a sacrifice.

The DailyMail report also said:

Lucas attempt to kill Jamason’s son was unsuccessful.

Police say Lucas and Jamason had recently ended their relationship.

Murdered girl and her brother.

Lucas and Jamason are both licensed mental health counselors who maintain private practices in Palm Beach County.

Jamason runs jupiter-counseling.com, which says she specializes in group and family counseling and the treatment of depression.

Lucas was arrested and charged with murder and attempted murder.

She is in police custody.

The ten-year-old boy is expected to survive.

The Metropolitan Community Church is expected to keep twisting the Scriptures to fit their apostate homosexual “christianity.”

Kimberly Lucas and her former lesbian partner are licensed mental health counselors and Obama supporters.

For an individual to say that he murdered a child because he “heard” a divine voice, the explanation is: 1) he is not mentally healthy, or 2) his mind has been deluged with dangerous lies and dangerous twisted “truths.”

For Kimberly Lucas, there were two delusions. One, from her mental health profession, which portrays homosexual behavior just as a normal behavior. Another, from her church, which misrepresents God as accepting homosexual behavior.

If it were not for these two factors, her delusions could easily be understood as personal delusions. Therefore, her insanity cannot be accounted for apart from the artificial normalcy that the mental health profession and homosexual churches impose regarding to homosexual perversions. And perversions always lead to other perversions, and to the innocent’ sacrifice.

With information from Daily Mail.

Portuguese version of this article: Lésbica que assassinou filha de dois anos de sua ex-amante e tentou assassinar seu filho de 10 anos deixou uma nota explicando que ela havia sido inspirada a fazer isso por uma pregação numa igreja homossexual

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