Leftists Using Edited Video to Make Trump Look Like Racist

When a person becomes a doctor, he or she supposedly takes the Hippocratic Oath.

It makes me wonder if when a person becomes a Democrat if they take the Hypocrite Oath?

While doctors are sworn to a code of ethics, I often believe that Democrats are sworn to a code of no ethics.

Such is the case with those behind a new (old) video being circulated to paint President Donald Trump as a racist and bigot.

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The video is a year old, which showed Trump talking about members of the MS-13 gang, calling them animals, but the edited version makes it appear that Trump is calling all asylum seekers animals.

Conservative Firing Line – Leftists use edited video to falsely claim Trump called all asylum seekers ‘animals’ – Apparently Donald Trump hasn’t said anything recently that was incendiary enough to raise the hackles of the Left. So they have dragged out of mothballs a year-old video in which the president calls members of the criminal gang MS-13 “animals” and edited it to make it seem as though he is referring to all asylum seekers.

The source of the cherry-picked clip appears to be a Twitter user named Mark Elliott whose bio acknowledges he was written for the New York Times. Here’s the tweet:

.@realDonaldTrump on people asking for asylum “These aren’t people. These are animals.” pic.twitter.com/pTKY08Obm2

— Mark Elliott (@markmobility) April 5, 2019

The original full-length video from which the clip was taken was shot in the White House cabinet room on May 16, 2018 at a Roundtable on Sanctuary Cities and Immigration Laws. According to a summary by C-SPAN: …

This isn’t the first time leftists have edited a video to make President Trump say something he really didn’t say and it probably won’t be the last time it happens.

In light of the many fake news stories that the sewagestream media have bent over backwards to produce.

They can’t stand for the public to hear or read the truth, mainly because evil (darkness) abhors and fears the truth (light).

They are afraid if the public hears the truth about what Trump does and say and what’s really happening in our nation that they will see why Democrats support all of the worst of mankind.



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