Leading Women in Combat Advocate Calls for Lowering Standards

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Ellen Haring was one of the leading advocates for putting women into combat. Now she is doing exactly what people who opposed feminizing the force knew would happen: she’s pushing for the Department of Defense to lower standards to accommodate the weaker sex.

Haring was one of the vocal women-in-combat advocates prior to Obama enacting that destructive agenda. She still is not satisfied and continues her advocacy.

Her latest opinion piece in the Marine Corps Times (“Marines’ requirements for infantry officers are unrealistic, Army colonel says”) advocates for lowering military standards:

So my question to the Marine Corps is — where did they get these standards, who validated them and who can actually meet them? They don’t appear to be operationally based and it sounds like no Marine infantry unit can meet them. They certainly aren’t regular or recurring requirements to be a Marine infantryman — which means they don’t meet legal standards.

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I warned against putting women into combat. No one listened. I assessed that toxic feminists would advocate for further feminization after that happened. And now that has occurred.

Expect even more intentional degradation of the U.S. armed forces with no one in power offering any serious resistance to it (much less reversal).

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