LC Supports Little Sisters of the Poor against Obama’s Abortion Mandate

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Liberty Counsel supports Little Sisters of the Poor in their fight against the Obamacare abortion mandate.

Mat Staver: Matt, there is this major case before the United States Supreme Court. It involves, not only Little Sisters of the Poor, but a number of Christian colleges as well. And it centers around the so-called abortion/contraception mandate of Obamacare. And that requires these religious organizations — Little Sisters of the Poor, Christian colleges, and others — to include in their health insurance not only contraception, but also abortifacients (abortion-inducing drugs, chemical abortions) to their employees.

And so, for Little Sisters of the Poor, as a prerequisite to their carrying on their God-given mission to reach those that are in need, they are now being told that they have to participate in genocide. This is something they will not do. and this is the case now pending before the United States Supreme Court on which Liberty Counsel filed a brief just a few days ago.

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Matt Barber: Well and Mat, I know that Little Sisters of the Poor, and any number of religious organizations around the country, no matter what the Supreme Court Rules, they CANNOT participate in this genocide, in this human genocide.

And so, we saw in President Obama’s last State of the Union address where he just had all this soaring rhetoric, not to mention the insults and the snarkiness that he had. But, the soaring rhetoric that was just so far detached from reality when he talked about Obamacare, right there in the audience as invited guests were the Little Sisters of the Poor…

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