LC Launches 13th Annual Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign

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Liberty Counsel launched their 13th Annual Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign, along with a Naughty and Nice List. The campaign is designed to educate, and if necessary, to litigate to make sure that Christmas and the real reason for the season is not censored in the public square. And the Naughty and Nice List is to allow you, the shopper, the consumer, to make your voice known during this Christmas shopping season. To patronize those stores that acknowledge Christmas and to not patronize those stores — and let them know why — that do not acknowledge Christmas.

Mat Staver: Matt, the Naughty or Nice List is something that has been in the retail market that we have focused on for a number of years as part of our Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign, and it’s available at I encourage people to take a look at it because you can make a difference by how you exercise your shopping dollars this Christmas season.

Matt Barber: Well the retailers list, Mat, applauds retailers who acknowledge the reason for the season, which is Jesus Christ, this is Christmas after all, and it exposes those who don’t. And I know every year I’ve been struck by how the Naughty List continues to shrink and the Nice List continues to grow. And every year it seems somebody who was on the Naughty List moves over to the Nice List and it’s because of you the listeners…

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