LC Files Motion to Dismiss Law Suit Silencing Counselors

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Liberty Counsel has filed a motion to dismiss a law suit, a law suit that was intended, and is intended to pro-life sidewalk counsellors in the District of Columbia. Because Planned Parenthood, believe it or not…is in the process of constructing an abortion clinic right between a middle school and an elementary school.

Mat Staver: Matt, this is unbelievable. You’ve got a charter school, which is a quasi-private/public school, regulated by the public laws and also it gets, I’m sure, certain kinds of public funding. so it is a public school but it’s operated by private individuals.

In this particular case you’ve got a private school, it’s called. . . Two Rivers Public Charter School . . .and you’ve got two schools. You’ve got an elementary school and a middle school, so K all the way up through middle school…8th grade level. K through 8th grade right there. And you have right in the middle of it a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic that’s currently under construction.

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There are some people who are trying to bring that information to light. And as a result of that they got sued, but not from where you might think it would have come. Planned Parenthood didn’t sue. The Two Rivers Public Charter School sued trying to stop these people from holding their signs on the public sidewalk.

Matt Barber: Well this is constitutionally protected free speech. It’s just shocking that this school would be so audacious to do this. But, the fact of the matter is — what a horrible visual here. To have this death camp sandwiched between these two schools, where you know, hey, if your kid gets out of there alive we’ll educate them and propagandize them!

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