LC Files to Intervene in NC to Protect Natural Marriage

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Liberty Counsel files to intervene in North Carolina on behalf of the state magistrates there who refuse to issue licenses for same-sex marriage. A law was passed to protect their religious freedom, and guess what? Groups like the ACLU and others piling on now trying to say that that law is unconstitutional. Trying to strike it down.

Mat Staver: Matt, Liberty Counsel last year, in 2015, represented some of the magistrates who refused to issue marriage licenses for same-sex marriage. And, as a result of that lawsuit, the legislature came together, they were in the midst of debating this issue, they ended up passing in the house and on the senate side a piece of legislation that provides conscience protection — religious freedom protection — to allow these individuals to opt out of doing any of the marriages. That then was vetoed by the governor, and both the house and the senate came back and overrode the governor’s veto.

Then, that law was challenged by those in opposition. They don’t want anyone to have religious protection, religious conscience or religious liberty protection. So we have intervened, on behalf of the magistrates again that we represented in 2015, to ultimately defend that law, because the Attorney General, Roy Cooper, who was legally responsible for defending the law, has made public statements against the bill

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Matt Barber: Well, it’s Senate Bill 2, SB2, is the law. And it states just simply this self-evident truth, this First Amendment guaranteed truth that “Every magistrate has the right to recuse from performing all lawful marriages under this chapter based on any sincerely held religious objection.” This is to prevent a situation like with Kim Davis where they were trying to force her to violate her conscience… 

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