LC Files Federal Lawsuit Defending Crisis Pregnancy Centers

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Mat Staver:Liberty Counsel has filed a federal lawsuit in California on behalf of three faith-based crisis pregnancy centers, challenging a law that went into effect earlier this year in January that requires these crisis pregnancy centers to provide information about the availability of abortion. Now these are crisis pregnancy centers that are there to protect innocent human life — obviously contrary to abortion. And yet the law requires them now to provide information to the people that are coming in about abortion. this is unbelievable and Liberty Counsel is now in the fray…

Matt Barber: Well, Mat, it’s worse than just that they have to provide information on abortion, this AB-775, it mandates that these faith-based crisis pregnancy centers, that they have to use a scripted, state-drafted pro-abortion message or they’re fined up to $1,000 for each time they fail to comply with this, Mat.

This is simply Orwellian. what comes to mind…this would be like a law where they tell all of the various NAACP locations around the country…that they tell these groups “You have to utter a pro-KKK message every time you have someone come to your facility, and tell them about the opportunity to go hear about the KKK…”

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