LC Files Federal Law Suit Challenging Justice Roy Moore’s Removal

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Liberty Counsel has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of Chief Justice Roy Moore challenging the entire process, and challenging the automatic removal provision. And there is growing support for the Chief Justice, for these charges to be dropped.

Mat Staver: Matt, there is certainly growing support for the Chief Justice, but there are two different fronts that we’re focusing on right now from a legal stand point.

Number one, we have recently filed on behalf of the Chief Justice a federal lawsuit. And in that federal lawsuit we’re arguing that the Chief Justice and this automatic removal provision should be…number one the charges should be dropped, and number two, this automatic removal provision violates his due process.

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And we also will be making arguments in the state proceedings in the near future as well. But we these charges are bogus, politically motivated, and should be dismissed.

Matt Barber: Now, these stem from a judicial inquiry committee review where they have filed charges based on a complaint by the left-wing, extremist group — the Southern Poverty Law Center…

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