LC Defends California Pro-Life Centers Against Abortion Agenda’s Invasion

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Liberty Counsel continues the fight on behalf of pro-life centers in California against the state’s forced speech law.

Mat Staver: We filed our brief at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals filed on behalf of Mountain Right to Life versus Kamala Harris, who is the state Attorney General. It challenges California’s law, 775, the Assembly Bill AB 775. And that law, Matt, imposes onerous notifications and speech requirements on these pro-life crisis pregnancy centers.

In other words, it’s the state telling these entities, private entities, that are not receiving any state or federal funding, telling them what to say to the people seeking help. So, here’s a woman coming in, seeking help. These people are performing their Christian mission and their pro-life ministries, and now they’re being told they have to refer people for abortions.

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Well, they’re there to save lives, not to take lives. And that’s what this California law does. It’s forcing these private peopleand entities to refer people to the death mills.

Matt Barber: Yea…let’s flip this around. Imagine that people were coming into Green Peace for information on the environment, looking for data on the environment, and they pass a law, a conservative Republican legislature and Governor pass a law that says that in organizations that advocate against global warming in California or Texas…

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