Latest Ford Witness Isn’t a Real Witness

It doesn’t matter to Democrats that Brett Kavanaugh has already been confirmed by the Senate and sworn in as a member of the Supreme Court.

They are continuing their malicious attacks on Kavanaugh like a school of blood thirsty piranha who won’t be satisfied until Kavanaugh’s bones have picked cleans and his life completely destroyed.

Like the old adage of beating a dead horse (it won’t go any faster since it’s dead), Democrats continue to beat at Kavanaugh and his reputation.

In their latest attack, they claim that there is another witness, a male witness who will corroborate the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford.

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However, he isn’t a witness as he never heard about the alleged attack until several months ago.

(Liberty Unyielding) – Late on Friday, two days before the Senate voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court justice, Christine Blasey Ford’s attorneys delivered a letter to the Senate written by one Keith Koegler, who identifies himself as a friend of Ford.

Koegler doesn’t give his professional credentials, but judging from the opening paragraph of his statement, let’s hope for his sake he’s not an attorney:

My name is Keith Koegler. I am one of Christine Blasey Ford’s corroborating witness. For those of you who aren’t lawyers, the term “corroborating witness” is not synonymous with “eye witness”—someone can be a corroborating witness without having physically been present at the scene of a crime. Indeed, in matters involving sexual assault, there are often no eyewitnesses.

But that’s not what law dictionaries say. Here are the definitions of corroborating witness and corroborate according to USLegal:

Corroborating witness is a witness whose testimony supports or confirms testimony that is already given.

Corroborate means to strengthen or confirm; to support or strengthen with other evidence or to make something more certain…

Face it people there is NO ONE who has been able to corroborate Ford’s accusation against Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh did provide evidence to prove his innocence, but that evidence has been rejected by those who have abandoned the basic tenets of America’s judicial system.

There are also numerous victims of sexual assaults, including myself, who don’t believe Ford’s testimony.

Justice has prevailed and a good and honest man is the newest member of the Supreme Court, even after his life and reputation has been raked through the coals of liberal hatred and intolerance.



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