Largest U.S. Gay Magazine Furious Over Evangelical Protest Against U.S. Government Effort to Decriminalize Homosexuality Around the World

It is not a small thing when two prominent U.S. left-wing publications choose to expose and attack you for your conservative stances. It is a sign that your conservative views are bothering them and having a good effect.

The latest dissatisfaction and complain from the left are because U.S. evangelical leaders and I protested over a recent push by Trump’s State Department to decriminalize homosexuality around the world. We protested especially because this liberal effort is being led by the most prominent homosexual activist in the Republican Party and in the Trump administration, Richard Grenell, who is the U.S. Ambassador to Germany.

Such protest led The Advocate and Right Wing Watch to make the choice of attacking me. In an article titled “Evangelicals Furious Over Trump Plan to Decriminalize Homosexuality,” The Advocate, which is the biggest U.S. gay magazine and boasts, in its own words, of being “The World’s Leading News Source for LGBT,” said,

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In a commentary for BarbWire, another far-right site, Julio Severo denounced Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, a conservative Christian, for supporting Grenell’s effort, and took the opportunity to accuse LGBTQ people of being a danger to children.

“Such push coming from the Trump administration is a shame,” Severo wrote. “Coming from an evangelical who is the State Secretary, helping homosexual activist Grenell, is a bigger shame, because he is doing exactly what left-wing Protestant Hillary Clinton was doing when she was also a State Secretary.”

I have no pleasure in denouncing “evangelical” Pompeo or any other evangelical advocating any component of the homosexual agenda. But is not it very strange that Pompeo, whom The Advocate labels as a “conservative Christian,” needs the biggest U.S. gay magazine to defend him from a Brazilian conservative evangelical? Is not it strange that The Advocate sides with him against me?

It is stranger that a powerful gay magazine had to intervene somewhat to defend the Trump administration from conservative evangelicals like me.

The Advocate correctly mentioned my view on homosexuality and violence,

“When I think about violence and homosexuality, the first thought coming to my mind is not individuals suffering violence for their sexual lifestyle,” he added. “The first thinking is children suffering homosexual violence — physical and psychological. There is a massive effort to cover up the suffering of children in the hands of homosexual predators.”

Saying, with no evidence, that there is no connection between homosexuality and sexual abuse of boys, The Advocate added that I:

“blamed gay priests for the widespread abuse of children and teens in the Roman Catholic Church. The church ‘is a living evidence of the gravity of homosexual violence against children.’”

You can read more of my BarbWire article that bothered The Advocate here.

Other conservatives exposed in The Advocate’s story are Massachusetts minister and WorldNetDaily columnist Scott Lively and Family Research Council president Tony Perkins.

This is not the first time that The Advocate chose me for attacks. In a June 2017 story, The Advocate called me and other American conservatives “wingnuts.” You can read my answer to The Advocate in my article: Reading the Far Left: Left-Wing Wingnuts Call Conservatives What They Are

In another June 2017 story, The Advocate said,

“BarbWire contributor, Julio Severo, spent a recent column excoriating Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for recognizing June as LGBT Pride Month.”

You can read my answer to The Advocate in my article: Reading the Far Left and Its Attack on Breitbart and BarbWire: Gay Perversion, Veiled and Overt

As an evangelical, former State Secretary Rex Tillerson proclaimed June 2017 as “LGBT Pride Month,” and as an evangelical, I denounced it. Now that current evangelical State Secretary Mike Pompeo proclaimed June 2018 as “LGBTI Pride Month,” as an evangelical I have also denounced it.

As a conservative evangelical, it is my Christian duty to denounce evangelicals who help the homosexual activism. Sadly, two of these evangelicals, Pompeo and Tillerson, have had the highest post in the State Department, right under the watch of Trump. In fact, they were appointed by him. And The Advocate thinks that it is its duty to defend them against me!

It is very interesting that evangelical State Secretaries Pompeo and Tillerson are not in any The Advocate’s blacklist. But I am! And as far as it depends on The Advocate, I deserve also to be backlisted by State Secretaries and their State Department.

These are not the only attacks of The Advocate against me. In 2011 The Advocate criticized me because I defended a child and her biological mother against a homosexual predator. You can read the whole story here: “World’s biggest gay magazine: no compassion and tolerance for a former lesbian and her daughter.”

The Advocate is not the only far-left-wing group in the U.S. attacking me.

Right Wing Watch, a far-left-wing group, said on February 22, 2019:

Julio Severo is very upset about the Trump administration’s global effort to decriminalize homosexuality: “When I think about violence and homosexuality, the first thought coming to my mind is not individuals suffering violence for their sexual lifestyle. The first thinking is children suffering homosexual violence — physical and psychological. There is a massive effort to cover up the suffering of children in the hands of homosexual predators.”

Other conservatives attacked by Right Wing Watch were Franklin Graham and BarbWire editor David Jolly.

Right Wing Watch is a project of the far-left-wing People for the American Way and it has, according to its website, a special mission to attack conservatives opposed to the gay agenda, abortion and Muslim ideology.

According to WND, People for the American Way (PFAW) is “an atheist socialist organization which, through publications like its ‘Right Wing Watch,’ dedicates itself to the destruction of conservatives in general.”

Many prominent U.S. conservative names are in Right Wing Watch’s blacklist. My place in their blacklist is here.

What do U.S. conservatives say about Right Wing Watch?

Pat Robertson, of 700 Club, said, “A nasty group.”

Peter LaBarbera, of Americans for Truth of Homosexuality, said:

“They should call it People for the Homosexual Way.”

Matt Barber, the founder of BarbWire, said, “A radical secularist agenda… a socialist agenda… pushing the culture of death.”

Twenty, ten years ago I was attacked only by the Brazilian left-wing and homosexualist movement for denouncing the former Brazilian socialist administrations and their left-wing and homosexualist policies. The attacks happened especially because I am the author of the book “O Movimento Homosexual,” published in 1998 by the Brazilian branch of Bethany House Publishers. This was the first Brazilian book exposing the homosexual movement.

Today I am attacked by the powerful U.S. left and homosexualist movement, firstly, for denouncing Obama and his left-wing and homosexualist policies, and now for denouncing Trump’s State Department and its homosexualist policies.

If I never spared Obama for his homosexualist policies, why should I spare Trump?

I stand on God’s Word. The Advocate and Right Wing Watch shall pass away, but God’s Word shall last forever.

Portuguese version of this article: Maior revista gay dos EUA furiosa com protesto evangélico contra iniciativa do governo dos EUA de descriminalizar a homossexualidade em todo o mundo

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