Lamestream Media Coverage of Republicans is 88% NEGATIVE

An old friend of mine had a college degree in journalism and managed to get a nice job with a national news outlet.

He left that lucrative job and ended up nearly homeless because he could not stomach the constant anti-republican bias that existed throughout most of the media.

He told me that in school, he was taught that true journalism was unbiased and told the truth, but what he saw in the industry was not journalism to him.

He told me that most of the mainstream media had left the realms of journalism to become the propaganda arm for the far-left Democrats.

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Earlier this year, there were reports that the media coverage of President Donald Trump was over 90% negative and now a new report reveals that the media coverage of Republicans in general has been 88% negative.

The Washington Times – The broadcast news media has not been kind to President Trump since he was elected. Consistent studies from the Media Research Center showed that, on average, 90 percent of the coverage of Mr. Trump has been hostile. Broadcasters now appear intent on creating a negative grand finale as the midterm elections loom, lashing out at the GOP as well.

“The broadcast networks are heavily spinning their campaign coverage against the Republicans. The spin of this coverage was lopsidedly anti-Republican and anti-Trump,” writes Rich Noyesa senior analyst for the conservative press watchdog.

Based on coverage from Sept. 1 through Oct. 26, Mr. Noyes and his team found that 88 percent of that broadcast coverage was “hostile.” They also counted 97 blatantly negative statements about the president and Republicans, compared to 10 for the Democrats.

The greater question is whether voters are paying attention to this practice. The answer: Yes, voters get it — and frown upon it…

The lamestream media is intent on helping socialist Democrats get elected that they intentionally go out of their way skew the truth in such a twisted way as to make the real villains look like would-be heroes.

After two generations of Americans being dumbed down by the public education system, sadly, many of them still tend to believe everything they read and hear from the media.

However, the way the media covered the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, it has helped drive a growing number of Democrats to leave the Party out of disgust with the behavior of congressional Democrats.



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