Lame Duck House Can Still Save America

At noon on Thursday, January 3, 2019, the 116th Congress will gather and all new members (all 435 Representatives and 35 Senators) will be sworn into office, giving Democrats control of the House.

Democrats have already said they plan on trying to block everything President Donald Trump tries to accomplish, meaning that Democrats will basically prevent most, if not all, legislation from taking place for the next two years.

In a natural setting, a duck that is lame doesn’t survive long and thus the term has been used for outgoing politicians, especially the current Republicans who control the House.

However, before the lame duck House Republicans succumb to the bitter retribution of the Democrats, they can still act and save America.

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Independent Sentinel – The Lame Duck Congress Can Still Save America – I’m sure you’re aware that the courts have interfered with the Executive Branch repeatedly—blocking the president’s statutory right to control immigration procedures and to exclude aliens and classes of aliens he deems to be a threat to the Nation. This right has been upheld by the SCOTUS.

Radical judges usurp powers of the president

Lately, the courts have blocked work on the pipeline, blocked the president from ending DACA (even though it was created by another president), blocked the president from removing the press pass of propagandist Acosta, and now have blocked him from making a rule that those who’ve entered the country illegally cannot seek asylum unless they apply at ports of entry. The judge cited the Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA), which says:

“Congress has currently extended the ability to apply for asylum to the following non-citizens: Any alien who is physically present in the United States or who arrives in the United States (whether or not at a designated port of arrival….”

On the news, I heard that President Trump is willing to shutdown the federal government unless Congress passes a measure to fund the construction of the rest of the border wall.

Congress says the US can’t afford the $15 billion to $25 billion to build the border wall and secure America, while at the same time spending millions to refurbish embassies and the homes of US diplomats.

They will fund millions of dollars to stupid studies like that of snail sex, lesbian use of social media and duck penises along with sending tens of millions of dollars to countries that hate America and have stated they want to destroy us as well as our ally Israel.

Of Congress would stop the stupid spending and giveaways to other countries and use our own military construction units, we could easily build the border wall and protect our nation.

But, that will only happen if Congress acts NOW!



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