LADYKILLERS: Glamour Magazine Redefines What it Means to Be a Woman

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By Abomination of Silence

This “Brave New World” has taught us many things. We’ve learned that tyrants and anarchists can be “patriots”, that death equals “life”, politicians who lie are doing us all a noble service, and that a person can simply choose his race or gender just by deeming it to be so.

When Olympian Bruce Jenner declared he is a “woman”, it was greeted by the main-stream media, the sports world and politicians as an act of “courage”. What was once considered to be (and rightly so) a “mental disorder” is being lauded as a brave admission worthy of praise. A near ubiquitous front-page headline. Images of “Caitlyn’s” distorted view of reality exists on nearly every front-page of most every news site. Images of his twisted photo stuffed into the magazine rack at grocery stores across America. There he sits… in all his perverted glory for our children to absorb into their delicate developing conscience.
So, it was barely worth feigning incredulity when Glamour Magazine announced that Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner would be one of their picks for their 2015 “Woman of the Year”.

Back to the Future

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One of the traditional and defining characteristics of a woman is that they lack male genitalia. Just a few short years ago, this would have been a given. Travel forward about a decade to 2015, and we’ve “evolved” into creatures incapable of defining reality or acknowledging our Creator. Why, we even spit in the face of nature and the science many hold up as being the only god which exists!

This brings us to another of Glamour Magazine’s choices for “Woman of the Year”.

Since the dawn of creation, woman has been known for her God-given desire to nurture the fruit of her womb. In the depths of her soul, the welfare of her offspring comes before her mother, her husband, and that precious child’s life is more important than even her own well-being. I personally never saw my mother eat a warm meal before all of her children were living in their own home. There was a time not long ago a woman who could look at the miracle of child-birth and consider the product worthy of disposal in the worst of possible manners was evil defined.

A Nation’s Conscience Stirred

So it is, even with our numbed collective conscience, the nation has been appalled by the release of video showing the callous nature in which Planned Parenthood both dismantles the still-living children callously ripped from pregnant mothers. These traders of human flesh laugh about receiving Lamborghinis in return for baby parts. They chortle as they speak of removing tiny human hearts and brag about cutting through the face of a child to remove its brain while it still breathes.
Meet Cecile Richards. Another of Glamour Magazine’s 2015 Women of the Year. Ms. Richards is the CEO of the most prolific abortion organization in America: Planned Parenthood. reports “The magazine (Glamour) calls Richards a “Health Advocate” and commends her for not backing down against efforts to de-fund the abortion business.”

Ms. Richards first apologized for the tone of the subject in the first video. But evidence mounted as subsequent videos were released showing the atrocities taking place in the name of convenience. Cecile has defended her organization and called into question the validity of the videos. She has claimed that the videos released by the Center for Medical Progress are misleading, edited, false, and entrapment. CMP says that their videos have been released in their entirety, and are available for viewing on their website.

Any which way you slice it, Glamour Magazine and possibly our entire culture are defining womanhood down. The femininity of yesterday has been replaced by a brash, in-your-face mentality and women have been substituted with uncaring monsters and castrated imposters incapable of changing their chromosomes.

Meanwhile, there exists in the world an uprising; an ever-increasing gathering of TRULY courageous women that will not embrace the dissolution of their natural state, and men who will not embrace a woman of any other kind.

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