Kristol and Erickson’s #NeverTrump – An aspect of Constitutional Subversion?

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In an article I saw today, Richard Vigeurie’s CHQ’s George Rasley writes: “Two conservative thinkers for whom we have a great deal of respect, Bill Kristol and Erick Erickson, have finally jumped the shark and entered a bizarre new #NeverTrump political dimension where Mitt Romney is a viable candidate for president and forming a third party five months before the election is a realistic means of electing an alternative to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.” In my “salad days, when I was green in judgment,” I actually mistook Richard Viguerie for a conservative of substance. But experience has taught me that his name, like so many others, betokens allegiance to nothing but the idol of Party, putting it above all and everything.

The sentence just quoted reflects this mindless idolatry. In 2012, Mitt Romney when Mitt Romney was anointed as the GOP’s “presumptive nominee” (by obviously fraudulent means), GOP loyalists “jumped the shark” and entered the lists to support him as a “conservative” candidate — pro-life; a defender of so-called “traditional” marriage; and purportedly opposed to Obama’s socialist takeover of the healthcare sector.

Like Donald Trump at present, candidate Romney claimed that he had changed previously held views which contradicted the conservative persona he chose to project in his campaign for President. But the record of his statements and actions, before and during his campaign for President, thoroughly undermined this claim.

Confronted with this record, Romney’s apologists relied on the fallacious “lesser of evils” argument in an effort to enforce GOP party discipline. But Mr. Romney’s stint as governor of Massachusetts actually illustrates the fact that the elitist faction’s assault on the premises and institutions of Constitutional self-government may be more likely to succeed when under the auspices of a speciously labeled Republican like Mitt Romney. For where a more openly socialist Democrat meets adamant opposition, the false Republican label dissipates and defuses it.

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Whether they are Democrats or Republicans, politicians who act as agents of the elitist faction’s agenda to subvert the constitutional self-government of the American people are, as it were, poisoned pills for the body politic of the United States. The Democrat pill dissolves quickly on the tongue, and has an immediately bitter and nauseating taste. The body immediate moves to spit it out. The Republican pill is sugar coated. That sweetens its taste and keeps it from dissolving too quickly. So it is swallowed, and dissolves in the stomach rather than on the tongue. However, once it has dissolved, its properties are such as to move the poison more quickly into the bloodstream.

The Democrat poison pill kills more quickly in situations where the mouth can readily be held shut by external force. The Republican pill kills more surely because the victim is induced to cooperate in producing the intended result. It’s illogical to decide, based simply on the label, that one or the other of these pills is less deadly. In the present situation of the United States, once they become fully aware of the elitist faction’s intention, many people react against it, making it more difficult to achieve. Stealth and deceit are therefore the standing order of the day, and the whole Democratic/Republican Party is an elaborate sham devised to carry out that order.

As the elitists’ move closer to achieving their goal, its real nature becomes more and more obvious. The Tea Party movement represented the possibility that grassroots opposition to the overt, liberty extinguishing economic tyranny it involves (increased taxation and the labor devaluing consequences of debt, for example), would combine with the reaction against moves to impose moral tyranny over people of good conscience, resulting in organized efforts to wrest political control from the elitist faction powers-that-be.

In 2010, participants in the so-called Tea Party movement were induced to accept the GOP as the focal point for their energy. The elitist faction’s strategists fabricated plausible but false GOP “conservatives” for the Party’s nominating processes. Where they could be easily contained and managed, some actual conservatives were also tolerated. The aim was to attract and then defuse the energy of the discontented grassroots.

But on account of Obama’s dictatorial policies, and the GOP quislings’ collaboration in those policies, revulsion against the elitist faction’s subversive agenda expanded and intensified (particularly in regard to issues involving immigration and the defense of America’ sovereignty). The repeated treacheries of the GOP’s quisling leaders stoked discontent in the Party’s base, until it reached a level the electoral ploy could not effectively contain. By 2015 this discontent was growing toward the point at which a true realignment might occur, of the sort that, in the past produced the Republican Party. It might have produced a new political vehicle in the 2016 election cycle, one that brought the electoral process back into line with the heart and will of the people themselves.

Factually speaking, Donald Trump is the consummate elitist faction insider. His thoroughly concocted, virtual reality image as an “outsider” (which consists almost entirely of style without corresponding substance) is calculated to attract and exploit the grassroots energy that would otherwise fuel the process of political realignment. If he is successful it will either a) fruitlessly dissipate that energy (allowing Hillary Clinton to be elected) or b) effectively discharge it in a way that contributes to the consolidation of the elitist faction’s advancing tyranny.

The elitist faction’s media engines are going full throttle to give the Clinton-Trump face-off an air of absolute inevitability. Nonetheless, a majority of Americans heartily disapprove of both these likely-nominees of the elitist faction’s Parties. There is a strong sense that, in their different ways, both of them represent the triumph of the sort of ‘Big Lie’ propaganda the right and left wing socialist, totalitarian dictatorships of the 20th Century used to mislead and pacify their populations. The whole elitist faction process reeks of deception, prevarication and the plasticine odor of illusion.

The supposed Kristol/Erickson version of #NeverTrump is a just an artifact of the elitist faction sham. The focus on an alternative like Mitt Romney is a dead giveaway. But so is the falsely matter-of-fact, “jump the shark” dismissal of grassroots political efforts featured in Mr. Rasley’s stage-managed rejection of their activities. Like the GOP quislings’ supposedly vehement opposition to Donald Trump, this rejection is actually a way of building the up the existence of an internally self-contradicted fabrication that actually has no real existence.

The supposed Kristol/Erickson version of #NeverTrump is a phony artifact of the elitist faction sham. The focus on an alternative like Mitt Romney is a dead giveaway. But what is really even more significant is the focus on any Presidential candidate at all. For voters in the General Election have no power but to vote for electors. Those electors are the persons the Constitution actually vests with the power to select the persons who are to serve as President/Vice-president. The electors do not vote until several weeks after the General Election takes place. That’s why a neither-here-nor-there phrase like “President-elect” is used to refer to the person supposedly chosen for the Presidency by General Election voters. But those voters have no power of election for that office. The awkward phrase actually points to the true fact, which is that the person it refers has not yet been elected.

In this respect, every movement or Party that pretends to field a candidate for President or Vice-President in the General Election is party to a “Big Lie” lie intended to deceive people into thinking their votes can be Constitutionally decisive in selecting occupants for those offices. What the Constitution does give to the general electorate is the power to decide whom they trust to sift through available facts and personalities in order to find the persons who best represent, and can be trusted to implement the heart and good will of the people in their respective States and localities. Representation is therefore the key focus for the general electorate when it comes to selecting the President and Vice-President, not the specific choice of persons to hold those offices.

With this in mind a significant question hangs over Mr. Rasley’s smug assumption that it’s too late to do anything but accept the choices made available by the elitist faction’s parties: Why is it too late to affect the General Election when candidates for the only office on the General Election ballot that is related to the election for President/Vice-president (that of elector) have not yet been named or in most cases even thought of, for presentation to the voter?

If you ponder this question you may begin to understand why Americans urgently need to abandon the elitist faction’s electoral sham: It induces voters to participate in the Presidential/Vice-Presidential election, on a false basis. It induces them to pay no attention to the actual choices they have the Constitutional power to make on Election Day. It effectively hijacks those choices, making them entirely subject to hidden elitist faction processes, entirely removed from the consciousness of the voters, and thus entirely beyond the reach of their deliberate choice. This vitiates their choice, in the most critical respect of executive power. But it also wholly circumvents the authority of the people, which the U.S. Constitution is supposed to represent.

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Dr. Alan Keyes
Once a high-level Reagan-era diplomat, Alan Keyes is a long-time leader in the conservative movement. He is well-known as a staunch pro-life champion and an eloquent advocate of the constitutional republic, including respect for the moral basis of liberty and self-government. He has worked to promote an approach to politics based on the initiative of citizens of goodwill consonant with the with the principles of God-endowed natural right.

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