Kim Davis Sent a Strong Message Attending the State of the Union Address

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Kim Davis attended the State of the Union to send a strong message that Christians, those of us that believe in Judeo-Christian values, we are not going anywhere. Bye bye President Obama, we know that you are going to try to do everything possible to undermine our values, our liberties in 2016. We will not be intimidated, and we will stand for our values.

Mat Staver: Matt, as I was in the State of the Union along with Kim Davis. President Obama went through a litany of information. And he created a number of lies, just completely inaccurate. Before we get to that…Kim Davis was featured in the media on the day of and the day after, and during the State of the Union standing [and] sitting there in the State of the Union, as a person who is sending a message. That he doesn’t represent millions and millions of people: the majority of Americans on religious liberty, life, and particularly marriage. And she was there as a visible reminder of that.  And a visible reminder and encouragement of others to stand strong.

Matt Barber: Well that’s right. Her being there as a visible reminder was two-fold: it reminded America that this president is demonstrably the most hostile to Christianity and to religious liberty that we have ever had as chief executive. So she was a visible reminder of that as well as a visible reminder that we needn’t be afraid…that Jesus is our rock, that God is our refuge. And that He is faithful and if we stand firm for His truths, He will stand firm for us.

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