The Kim Davis Battle Rages On

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Tomorrow there is an oral argument at the Federal Court of Appeals on the Kim Davis case. This is a case of course where the Federal Court of Appeals dismissed the lawsuit filed by the ACLU and others and the lower court dismissed the challenge as well. Case over. Case Closed. All is done. Kim Davis won. The other side gets no attorneys’ fees.

But, just before the 30 days expired following these dismissals, the various parties wanted to continue the case and reopen it. Now the case is back to the Court of Appeals on the issue of whether one of these cases should be reopened.

Mat Staver: Well, this is one of three cases. They were all consolidated together. The case that is being argued tomorrow at the Federal Court of Appeals — the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati (that’s where it’s headquartered) — is one of those three cases.

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The individuals involved in this particular case never got a “so-called” marriage license. So their issue is, frankly, moot. They want to reopen the case so that they can try to argue that they’re entitled to attorney’s fee…


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