Kavanaugh Effect Driving More Women to Vote GOP

Lara Trump is more than just the wife of Eric Trump.

She is the former producer of Inside Edition and current host and producer of Trump Production’s Real News.

Using more than her loyalty for her father-in-law, Lara Trump is using her political understanding to predict that more women will be voting for Republicans in the midterm election because of the what she refers to as the Kavanaugh effect.

She says that she has been approached by a number of women who have told her that they were frustrated and turned off by the behavior of Democrats during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

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Huffington PostLara Trump thinks more women are “inspired” to vote for Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections because of the “Kavanaugh effect.”

“After what I like to call the Kavanaugh effect … the number of women that I think are more inspired on the Republican end now to get out and vote is really astonishing,” Lara Trump, wife to President Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump, told Fox News host Shannon Bream during a Wednesday evening segment.

Lara Trump, who’s currently campaigning across the country for the president, said the confirmation of Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh, despite allegations of sexual assault or misconduct, has galvanized women to vote Republican.

“I’ve found women coming up to me telling me how frustrated they were with [with the confirmation process], how much it makes them want to go out and vote for Republicans,” Lara Trump continued

Democrats have been saying that women everywhere will vote for Democrats because of Kavanaugh and the accusations made against him, but that’s not what seems to be happening.

The actions of Democrats actually turned off more people than it recruited and some of the early voting reports seem to support that.

Hopefully, Lara Trump is right and women from across the country will turnout to vote for Republicans.

After all, more women are working today in Trump’s economy than they have in many years and the same is true for black and Hispanic Americans.



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