Kavanaugh Clears Hurdle Towards Confirmation When GOP Defeats Dem Filibuster

When Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement earlier this year, Democratic leaders in the Senate, including Chuck Schumer, said they would oppose anyone Trump nominated to take Kennedy’s place.

To the horror of Democrats, Trump nominated someone with impeccable credentials from the nation’s second highest court.

Based purely on his record, the thought of Brett Kavanaugh serving on the Supreme Court is terrifying to Democrats because his record shows that he rules on the Constitution and law and not personal or political agenda as do the liberal members of the court.

That is the sole reason they are so against Kavanaugh’s confirmation and why the waited until the last minute to spring their sexual assault charade.

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After they insisted on an FBI investigation, which turned up nothing to condemn Kavanaugh, Republican Senators were able to defeat a Democratic filibuster, allowing Kavanaugh’s nomination to clear the procedural vote.

(The Washington Times) – Republicans beat back a Democrat-led filibuster Friday and kept Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on track, in a vote freighted with meaning far beyond simply adding a ninth justice to the bench.

The 51-49 vote saw one defection from each party, canceling each other out and giving the judge enough leeway to clear the procedural hurdle. A final confirmation vote now looms on Saturday, and that remains in doubt.

But overcoming the filibuster was still a major step for Republicans, who cast Friday’s vote as a chance to send a message to the public at a time of deep divisions and historic partisan rancor.

“We know the Senate is better than this. We know the nation deserves better than this,” said Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The vote was unclear until the end, with four members publicly undecided: GOP Sens. Susan Collins, Jeff Flake and Lisa Murkowski, and Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin…

Some Democrats were reported to say that the only result of an FBI investigation into the allegations against Kavanaugh that they would accept were those that condemned him, but if nothing was found, they would not accept the report.

Before the FBI investigation report was made available to Senators to review, Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), said she wanted the report to be kept confidential and not made public.

She claimed it was to protect any witnesses named in the report, but many conservatives believe she doesn’t want the public to know what the report says because she KNEW it would only help Kavanaugh and Republicans.



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