Katie Pavlich Demonstrates the Failure of Conservatism

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Conservatism is a failure and Katie Pavlich demonstrated a large reason why it’s dead in two sentences during a Tuesday appearance on the Fox News Channel.

Rush Limbaugh played an audio clip of Pavlich on the Feb. 3 edition of “The Rush Limbaugh Show.” The audio clip was from Pavlich’s Feb. 2 appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor.” Limbaugh used the clip to make a larger point about how Fox News doesn’t want to be thought of as conservative. But Pavlich’s two sentences also reveal why conservatism is nothing but a rotting corpse.

PAVLICH: Conservative audiences in general have been complaining for years about the mainstream media being biased toward their presidential candidates, Senate candidates. You can’t complain about the media not holding Barack Obama accountable, for example, but then also complain when journalists at Fox News or at other outlets are asking Republicans some similar questions about their positions.

So conservatives have not only consented to rules of war that allow the media to ensure that conservatism always loses, but now True Conservatives proudly defend this handicap that guarantees their eternal defeat and the continued destruction of America.

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Conservatism is a corrupt ideology dedicated to losing to evil, and this is just the latest example of why I’m no longer part of the conservative movement.

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