Kansas Residents Stand Against Freedom From Religion Foundation

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Residents in Pittsburg, Kansas, are now buying signs and banners that say “God bless America” after a local post office removed a banner following complaints by the organization from Wisconsin called the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

Mat Staver: Matt, here it is again, this Freedom from Religion Foundation, out of Madison, Wisconsin. It’s a small group but speaks through often times its threatening and distorted letters. And, as a result of this distorted letter and threat, this post office in Pittsburg, Kansas, decided to remove a banner that said “God Bless America.” The people are up in arms over this.

Matt Barber: Well, and they should be. This is absurd. This Freedom from Religion Foundation, Mat, you have had many encounters with them, and with the founder of this organization, you’ve debated him on a number of occasions. They are not just a secularist organization, they are an overtly anti-Christian organization. And they are historical revisionists. They take their own twisted, perverted view of — and I don’t believe it’s even a sincere view — they know the true history. I think they know what the Constitution actually means and says. And think that they want to twist it because they are trying to fundamentally america, to borrow from Barack Obama.  

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