Just 5 Words Would Disarm the Public

By Charlie Butts

An attorney with Liberty Counsel doesn’t think much of a former Supreme Court justice’s idea of modifying the Constitution to deprive Americans of their constitutional right to bear arms.

OneNewsNow — John Paul Stevens, 94, has released a new book, Six Amendments: How and Why We Should Change the Constitution. The former justice, who stepped down from the bench in June 2010, argues that the framers of the Constitution never intended for one of those amendments that he proposes be changed – the Second Amendment – to be an individual right.

OneNewsNow talked with Matt Barber, vice president of Liberty Counsel Action, who believes the Second Amendment is firm on permitting individuals to have arms.Barber, Matt (Liberty Counsel)

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“However, I think implicit in Justice Stevens’ words here is the reality that there are many who view the Constitution and the inalienable rights that are guaranteed and reiterated by the Constitution, that he and others find them problematic,” says Barber.

Stevens suggests adding five words to the Second Amendment which would guarantee a person’s right to bear arms only when serving in the militia or military. Barber contends that suits progressives who support more of a Euro-Socialist form of government rather than a constitutional republic.

“So I think … inherent within the changes that [Stevens] is recommending to the United States Constitution is the reality that the Constitution was put in place to prevent these kinds of changes from occurring,” says the founder of BarbWire.com.

Barber is certain the Constitution wouldn’t be revised to make the public incapable of defending themselves with the weapons of the day – but he says “it does show that the radical gun-control lobby hates the Constitution and the fact that people can protect themselves from a tyrannical government, so they want to disarm the American public.”

Report via OneNewsNow

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