‘Judge Not…’

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With the Boy Scouts turning into the Gay Scouts, and the rest of our culture being destroyed before our eyes, we hear, and are going to hear, a lot of flatline Christians and spiritual-but-no-religion types pretend to quote the Bible by saying, “Judge not! That’s what Jesus said! Never, never, never make any kind of judgment about anybody or anything!”

They take two words from one verse (Matthew 7:1, repeated in the same context in Luke 6:37) and try to nullify the entire moral teaching of the Bible. Hey–someone breaks each and every one of Ten Commandments every day? Judge not!

But when it comes to the secular teaching that sodomy is good and God, if there even is a God (which they deem most unlikely), is wrong for condemning it; and if you Christians reject it or oppose it, then you’re wrong, too–well, Christians who get conned by the “judge not” argument have totally failed to understand the scriptures.

In this case we do not have to judge, because God has already made the judgment for us, and caused it to be written in the Bible. The judgment is that homosexual activity is an abominable sin, worthy of the most severe condemnation.

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And so, by refusing to recognize it as a sin, because we have been buffaloed by the “judge not” chorus and we want them to think we’re nice people, we then set aside God’s judgment for a stupid judgment of our own. It’s for a good reason, of course: we want those people to like us and to think we’re hip to the times.

Lord, deliver us out of this evil age. This is not a time I want to be hip to.

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Lee Duigon, a contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, is a former newspaper reporter and editor, small businessman, teacher, and horror novelist. He has been married to his wife, Patricia, for 34 years. See his new fantasy/adventure novels, Bell Mountain and The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, available on www.amazon.com.

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