John Kerry Blames Israel for Conflict

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Why should it surprise us that Secretary of State John Kerry blames Israel for the conflict that’s taking place in that land, when in fact John Kerry and President Barack Obama have never been strong supporters of Israel and the Jewish people. They say they are, on the one hand, but their actions really reveal something completely different.

Mat Staver: Matt, this was predictable and it’s certainly also contemptible. This is an article by Pam Geller and it’s titled, “Kerry Blames Israel for the ‘Palestinian Jihad’ Murders.” The Obama administration has never had a critical word to say about the Palestinian genocidal conflicts that they perpetrate, the calls to murder Jews that go out regularly on the Palestinian TV. And the celebration of the murder of Israeli civilians. For Obama and his cronies it’s always the fault of Israel.

We need to stand with Israel. They’re not a perfect nation, no one is. They’re making mistakes just like anyone else, on a variety of things, no one is perfect. But on this issue here, what is very clear is that they’re not instigating these attacks. They’re not putting knives into the hands of these Palestinian Arabs. They are simply defending themselves.

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What are they supposed to do when someone comes after them to take their life? Are they supposed to just sit there? we wouldn’t do that here in the United States. We wouldn’t allow Mexico or Canada to lob bombs into the United States and simply sit back and do nothing.

Matt Barber: Yea…and when you talk about the knives in the hands of these Palestinian terrorists, what we’re talking about is the spate of unprovoked knife attacks where innocent women and children even, Jewish people are being attacked by Palestinians, by Muslims, and stabbed, some to death. And some Israelis are defending themselves by shooting an individual, a teen boy, a teenaged Palestinian boy, a young man, attacked some people. He was shot and of course the media portrayed HIM as the victim…

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