John Barros – The Truth of Abortion Beyond Politics

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For some people abortion is just a political ideology, prochoice and prolife. It’s legislation, pro or con with regards to abortion. It’s Planned Parenthood without looking behind the scenes at what’s going on. But for John Barros, it’s life or death. It’s reality. It’s what he sees every day. He’s our guest on faith and Freedom.

Mat Staver: John, thank-you for joining Faith and Freedom. You are someone, six days a week that goes out in front of an abortion clinic in the Central Florida area, in Orlando, Florida, and you’ve been doing that for a number of years. Every single day, all day long, and you’re there on the front lines. Twenty to thirty women, you have said, told us, each month choose life over death. Twenty to thirty women choose life over death! That’s twenty to thirty lives every single month.

That’s almost, that’s essentially one a day. John, thank-you for your ministry and share with our audience some of the stories of REAL encounters, because for some people abortion — as it was for me, when I was a pastor — it was not something that I understood. It was not something that I looked at until one day I saw a video and the reality of abortion hit me…

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