Real ‘Jim Crow’ Alive in Mississippi: Democrats Try to Have Pro-life, Pro-marriage Black Thrown Off Ballot

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By Chad Groening – OneNewsNow

He’s pro-life, he’s pro-marriage … and his fellow Dems don’t like it…

A Mississippi Democrat running for the U.S. Senate isn’t surprised that many in his party want his name removed from the primary ballot.

Bill Marcy is not an ordinary Democrat. In fact, he ran as a Republican in 2010 and 2012 when he unsuccessfully challenged Democratic Congressman Bennie Thompson. Now he hopes to challenge long-time Republican Senator Thad Cochran in the November election as the Democratic nominee for the seat.

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But last week former Democratic Congressman Travis Childers jumped into the Senate race – and during a meeting of Democrats in northern Mississippi on Saturday, Marcy was given less than a warm reception. In fact, some of those present clearly want his name removed from the primary ballot. He isn’t surprised.

“I’m anti-establishment. I have as many Democrats upset with me as I have Republicans,” he tells OneNewsNow. “The most important people I want to be happy with me are the people of the state of Mississippi.”

According to Marcy, the vast majority of establishment Democrats don’t like the fact that he opposes same-sex “marriage” and is staunchly pro-life.

“… They have a sign up front that’s indicating that it’s alright for mothers, black or white, to kill their babies. This is insane,” says Marcy. “The black people don’t believe in this. But unfortunately we have the establishment, who has set themselves up in the position to be God. If elected, I will do everything I can to stop us from killing babies.”

Marcy says he won’t be intimidated by those who want to throw him off the primary ballot. They have no constitutional right to do so, he argues – adding that he welcomes the competition from Childers.

Report via OneNewsNow

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