James Comey Implicated in 36 Scandals

James Comey served as Barack Obama’s Director of the FBI from September 2013 until a few months into President Donald Trump’s presidency.

His total time in that office was about 3 ½ years and one might ask how much damage can one man do in a government position in only 3 ½ years.

According to one source, Comey did quite a bit of damage in that short.

It is contended that Comey has been implicated in at least 36 scandals in his brief tenure as the head of FBI.

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Yet, I ask if we should be surprised at the allegations considering all of the other allegations that have been made against numerous members of Obama’s administration?

Milne News – Here are 36 scandals James Comey is implicated in – Former FBI director James Comey remarked about the damage done to the FBI’s reputation saying: ‘That Damage Has Nothing To Do with Me’

But, if we take a look at the list below put together by the crew over at grabien.com, we can clearly see he has played a major part in the depletion of the FBI’s reputation.

Here is a list of 36 scandals James Comey is implicated in by grabien.com:

At the DoJ, Comey relentlessly pursued a banker for financial charges; when he couldn’t find any criminality, he charged him with obstruction of justice “because of a single ambiguous email” (a conviction later overturned)

During the Valerie Plame leak investigation, Comey demanded AG Ashcroft recuse himself for conflict of interest; he instead chose the godfather of his daughter, Patrick Fitzgerald, to run the probe…

The real question surrounding Comey is whether or not anyone will do anything about the many allegations that are being made against Comey.

One thing is sure and that is James Comey appears to be as much of a crooked Washington politician as many others in the Obama administration including the worse of all, Barack Hussein Obama.

When you look at all of the allegations made against many of the Democrats, they make organized crime look like choir boys.



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