Jamal Khashoggi NOT Who Media Portrayed

Remember a couple of months ago when the media went ballistic over the murder of Jamal Khashoggi?

He was portrayed as a reporter for the Washington Post who was murdered by Saudi Arabian officials over his criticism of the Saudi government.

Members of Congress demanded that President Trump take immediate and harsh action against Saudi Arabia over the murder of Khashoggi.

What the media didn’t tell you is that Khashoggi only wrote about 20 articles for the Washington Post.

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They also didn’t tell you that Khashoggi was working for Qatar, the nation that has openly protected and supported the Taliban terrorist organization.

Don Surber – Trump vindicated, media is silent – Two months ago, Jamal Khashoggi was a thing. He died in Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Istanbul apparently painfully and slowly. The Washington Establishment went whacko and demanded President Trump break relations with Saudi Arabia for the death of Khashoggi, whom the elitists described as a journalist for the Washington Post. He wrote 20 columns for the paper.

Now we know the rest of the story. Khashoggi was a propagandist for Qatar, the one gulf state that sides with Syria and Iran.

A Saudi paper, Arab News, reported, “Washington Post subtly admits Khashoggi columns were ‘shaped’ by Qatar.”

The Post wrote, “Text messages between Khashoggi and an executive at Qatar Foundation International show that the executive, Maggie Mitchell Salem, at times shaped the columns he submitted to the Washington Post, proposing topics, drafting material and prodding him to take a harder line against the Saudi government…

It has also been revealed that Khashoggi relied upon a researcher who promoted Arabic language education in the United States.

Obviously, Khashoggi was not what the media and Democrats claimed him to be.

The revelation of the real Khashoggi and what he was doing and who he was associated with  vindicates President Trump and show that he used wisdom while the media and Democrats once again reacted foolishly and before they had all of the facts.



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