It Always Comes Down to Abortion

Recently, Dennis Prager created a litmus test for determining if the psychotherapist you’re about to see is the right person for your mental health needs.

“…ask any therapist you are considering for yourself or someone else, “Do you agree with the American Psychological Association that ‘traditional masculinity is psychologically harmful’?”

Read the conclusions made by the APA on traditional (not toxic) masculinity. I’ll be surprised if your jaw doesn’t drop to the floor. Truly, it’s a work of morbid, sad, and scatalogical art.

Let’s have another litmus test, and we’ll use this with people with whom we’re about to enter a political conversation at any depth or breadth:

Do you agree with the New York law that allows abortions up until birth? Similarly, do you agree with the New York law against the death penalty?

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This test is intended to save time and heartache. If the person we’re about to discuss politics with is so entrenched in leftist ideology that she can’t see that a baby has a right to live, should we care what her opinion is on marginal tax rates or FDA regulations on toothpaste?

You have to have lived a cloistered life – as in monks, vows of silence, and no connection to the outside world save for a remote Tibetan village in what the Tibetans themselves refer to as “the sticks” –  not to know the processes involved in an abortion. Forceps, injections, saline, dismemberment, decapitation, black markets for body parts – these are the instruments of Josef Mengele, the famous Nazi doctor and butcher. Pro-deathers won’t look at or talk about it, though, because that would expose them for the moral and intellectual frauds they are. Whatever argument pro deathers may toss at the wall in hopes of sticking such as “sentience,” life of the mother, and “viability,” (quotes used because ask 50 people the definition of each of those words and you’ll get 250 answers) falls flat because they’ve been programmed to believe that human development stages like zygotes, embryos, and fetuses are actual terms for the nature of what is inside a woman’s body upon conception. Proof of this is no one ever asks a pregnant woman, “How’s your fetus?” or, worse, “How’s that clump of cells?”

The truth is when a woman gets pregnant, she’s pregnant with a human being who deserves the same protections as you and I.

The second part of my litmus test is, as Matt Walsh points out, destroys any trace of logic pro deathers could muster (emphasis mine):

Speaking of lethal injection, in case you haven’t yet grasped how twisted this law is, consider that capital punishment has been ruled unconstitutional in New York. You are not allowed to give a lethal injection to convicted serial killers, pedophiles, rapists, school shooters, or any other species of monster. But you can give a lethal injection to an infant. Indeed, you can [only] give lethal injections to infants in New York. The crime of child rape will not earn you the needle. The crime of being conceived in the wrong womb might. It is a capital offense, and you may well be made to suffer dearly for it.

If only Democrats had as much fire in their belly against the murder of unborn babies as they do when people in their, say, 45th trimester (i.e. age 15), die from a school shooting. If you believe death-row inmates deserve to live but babies do not, what is left to say that is more important than life itself?

Save your breath. Save your time. Save your soul. Seek out those who can at least agree on not murdering an unborn child, and get them to join you in the fight for liberty – assuming there are enough of us left.

God help us.

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