At Issue: LGBTQ Hostility on Virginia Campuses

By Charlie Butts

Two groups are working together to address on-campus hostility they documented toward Virginia college students who sought assistance and counseling to deal with unwanted same-sex attractions.

OneNewsNow — An undercover report by Voice of the Voiceless found LGBTQ campus resource centers in Virginia are intimidating and threatening students who want help getting out of unwanted, same-sex attractions and are seeking information about ex-“gay” counseling. The 86-page report, released in May, documents seven visits to those centers at Virginia universities last fall by two former homosexuals.

Mat Staver

On behalf of VoV, Liberty Counsel is engaged in negotiations with the schools and the office of the Virginia attorney general in hopes of bringing reform to the resource centers in the coming school year. Liberty Counsel founder Matt Staver believes the hostility being displayed toward those seeking counseling for unwanted same-sex attractions is the result of gay activists’ belief that it is a threat to their cause.

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“This is about trying to stifle – through the force of power of the government – any kind of view that homosexuality can change or [that] you can reduce your attractions, your behavior, or your identity,” he states. “That threatens their very existence.”

The resource centers are telling those wanting help that such therapies don’t work and could even lead to suicide. Staver describes such tactics as “evil.”

“This is taking sexual immorality and forcing people to say that it’s good and that you ought to pursue it, and prohibiting people from encouraging in any kind of counsel to stop or eliminate it,” says the attorney. “This is absolute pure evil.”

According to Christopher Doyle, president and co-founder of Voice of the Voiceless, obvious hostility was directed toward Christians seeking ex-gay counseling. He says the visits to the campuses revealed “a clear pattern of bias, insensitivity, and discrimination” towards those with unwanted same-sex attraction – “especially towards those who hold to a traditional biblical view of homosexual behavior.”

The seven universities visited were George Mason University, James Madison University, University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, Old Dominion University, Christopher Newport University, and College of William and Mary.

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