Israel Hosted Inter Faith Conference for Eastern, Jewish Spiritual Leaders

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For the first time in the history of Israel, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in partnership with the American Jewish Committee and the World Council of Religious Leaders, held “Ancient Traditions Contemporary Realities – A Meeting of Israel-Asia Faith Leaders,” a conference to create a partnership between major eastern faith traditions and Judaism.


The groundbreaking conference, which took place between 11-15 September, was attended by 20 senior spiritual personalities of the major East Asian faiths (Hindu, Buddhism, Taoism, Sikh, Jain, Shinto, Zoroastrianism). The Israeli participants included rabbis from all the streams of Judaism.

The conference, which was held at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters and at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, addressed issues of shared concern to the spiritual leadership of Israel and the Eastern faiths: The purpose of religion in modern society, safeguarding the planet, the rights of the individual and a just society and the place of religious leadership in advancing peace and the global welfare.

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The Eastern religious leaders met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Jewish people have become well-known for their attraction to Eastern spirituality, leading to the coinage of the term “Bhu-Jews” in reference to Jews who practice Buddhism. The interfaith conference held in Jerusalem, officially sponsored by the Israeli government, opened formally Israel to the Eastern spirituality.

The other two major sponsors of “Ancient Traditions Contemporary Realities – A Meeting of Israel-Asia Faith Leaders” are:

  • The World Council of Religious Leaders, which describes itself as “a resource to the United Nations and its agencies around the world, nation states and other international organizations, offering the collective wisdom and resources of the faith traditions toward the resolution of critical global problems.”
  • The American Jewish Committee, which describes itself as “the leading global Jewish advocacy organization.”

The term “Bhu-Jews” shows that Jews are spiritually hungry. After experimenting Buddhism and other Eastern religions, has been their hunger satiated?

The greatest Spiritual Feeder was born in Israel. Do Jews know Him?

Can a union of Judaism with Eastern religions bring right spiritual answers to the world and its problems and suffering?

Jesus Christ, the greatest Jew in history, came first to Israel to bless the Jews. And He came also to bless the whole world. He is the only answer to the world.

The deceptive Eastern religions, including Hindu, Buddhist, Taoism, Sikh, Jain, Shinto, Zoroastrianism, are not enough to satisfy spiritual needs and save souls. They cannot save anyone.

But Jesus Christ can save everybody, Jew or not.

Only He is the perfect answer to everybody and every nation.

With information from Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, American Jewish Committee and Jewish Political News & Updates.

Portuguese version of this article: Israel realizou conferência inter-religiosa de líderes espirituais orientais e judeus

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