Israel Government Near Collapse

Since the nation of Israel became a reality in 1948, they have been a strong ally of the United States.

The small nation rose like an island in a sea of hostile Arabs, who have been trying to erode away and destroy Israel from the very beginning.

Israel is plagued not only with the hostility all around them but from within their borders and it’s the same type of hostility that America is battling with today, that of liberalism.

Just like the way liberals are trying to destroy President Donald Trump, in Israel, they are working hard to destroy Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Amidst growing reports of corruption, Netanyahu has announced that there will be a national election in April and that there will be a vote today to dissolve the Knesset, Israel’s parliament.

The Washington Post – Israel headed to elections as Netanyahu’s coalition dissolves parliament – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition announced Monday that early elections will be held in April, sending the Israeli leader back to face the voters at a time when he is confronting mounting criticism over his handling of security and under investigation for bribery.

While Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition had been on the brink of collapse since his defense minister quit last month, it was a dispute over legislation aimed at drafting ultra-Orthodox Jews into the military that ultimately brought down the government.

Most political analysts predict that Netanyahu will be reelected. There are no significant challengers in his Likud party or coalition, and leading opposition figures are considered too weak to unseat him. The main question is whether, after the election, he will be forced to strike a more centrist coalition to assemble a majority in parliament.

A vote is scheduled for Wednesday to dissolve the parliament, known as the Knesset. If dissolution is supported by more than half the members, a national election will take place April 9. A full term would have taken the government through to November 2019…

Thanks to the liberals in Israel that are pushing to oust Netanyahu and collapse the government, Israel’s nearby enemies, namely the Palestinians, are licking their lips at the news.

What better time for Israel’s enemies to launch a massive attack with the goals of first regaining the Gaza Strip and Golan Heights, including Jerusalem and second, wiping Israel from the face of the earth.

A common Palestinian saying is ‘from here to the sea’, referring to Israel no-longer existing.

Barack Obama’s half-brother Malik has been seen and photographed wearing a Palestinian sash with that very saying on it, which explains why Obama treated Israel as an enemy while courting Israel’s enemies.


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