Israel and Hamas Returning to War?

Once again, the mainstream media has taken the side of the Islamic terrorists who have vowed to wipe Israel off the face of the earth as the situation between Israel and Hama and other Islamic terrorist organizations in the area escalate once more.

The media often ignores the fact that Israel has the sovereign to exist as a country on land that they possessed over a couple of millennia ago.

Israel also has the right to defend their country and people, who are constantly under attack from Hamas and other terrorists.

Many have attempted to bring peace to the region, but in the vast majority of instances, the Islamic terrorists are the ones who first break the peace.

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After the latest skirmish between Israel and Hamas, many fear an all-out war is about to erupt, but if it does, it won’t last long as Israel will dominate and drive back any concerted attacks.

Washington Examiner – n any new conflict with Hamas, Israel will seize the initiative by employing heavy air strikes. Israel’s intent will be to force Hamas to agree to a cease fire on terms preferable to Israel.

All of this bears consideration in light of the dramatic rise in tensions that has occurred over the past 48 hours. It began on Sunday, when an Israeli special forces team was compromised as it conducted reconnaissance inside the Gaza Strip (likely targeting a Hamas meeting with leaders of the Popular Resistance Committees). In the ensuing firefight, seven Palestinians and one Israeli were killed. Tensions escalated on Monday when Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad seriously wounded one Israeli after firing about 200 rockets into Israel. In response, Israel launched air strikes against Hamas and PIJ command centers. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is likely to authorize an escalation in Israeli air strikes overnight. Brewing for more than a year, a new conflict is now likely.

Still, Israel will aim to set the terms of any fight. While the most reliable and durable means of weakening Hamas and its allies would be an Israeli ground operation to clear the northern sectors of the Gaza Strip, Israel knows that any such operation would risk dozens of Israeli casualties…

Is it any coincidence that the mainstream media and many Democrats have often taken the side of Hamas and other Islamic terrorists and the fact that Barack Obama’s half-brother Malik wears a scarf with a Palestinian inscription that refers to no more Israel?

Hamas and other terrorists need to remember what happened the last time Israel was attacked.

In 1967, Israel was attacked and in only 6 days, they not only defeated their enemy but claimed enough land to more than double their size.

If Hamas does go to war with Israel, who knows how much more land Israel will conquer.



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