Isolated Russia and the World’s Policeman

In his 2016 presidential campaign, then candidate Donald Trump several times indicated his intent of partnership with Russia, especially against Islamic terror. Such intent encouraged Russians and infuriated anti-Russian activists.

Because of massive pressure of neocons, whom Trump especially opposed, the dreamed and hoped partnership never happened.

In 2016 Trump was a good visionary. Russia had been isolated by U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama allegedly for annexing Crimea, from Ukraine, which was Russian for 800 years. Yet, even before the annexation Obama, his administration and the Big U.S. Media were mocking Russia for its law banning homosexual propaganda to children and adolescents.

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Dr. Scott Lively explained that the heavy sanctions Obama imposed on Russia were caused by a pro-sodomy Obama against an anti-sodomy Russia, and the annexation of Crimea was just an excuse. Obama even enlisted the socialist European Union to impose heavy sanctions. Such sanctions isolated Russia and crippled its economy.

It was highly expected that Trump, fulfilling his own wishes in 2016, would break the socialist stranglehold of Obama and the EU against Russia. But he has been unable to prevail over neocons. Actually, Trump has been doing exactly what Crooked Hillary Clinton promised to do: to support the Ukrainian regime that, by a coup d’etat, was imposed by Obama, George Soros, Hillary and John McCain.

Even though, geographically, the largest nation in the world, Russia has a weak military, in comparison to the U.S. and Europe, and has no place to run. The U.S. has about 800 military bases in 148 countries — and the world has just 196 countries.

So more than half of the nations in the world are under U.S. control. This is a massive supranational power, which George Washington and other Founders of America never sought or dreamed, even though American Freemasons always sought and dreamed of America as an empire establishing the New World Order. Their dreams have been fulfilled.

Yet, Trump’s dream of a partnership with Russia has been impossible to fulfill, because of neocons.

Isolated, Russia is “reaching out to other countries as part of Moscow’s effort to show that it is not isolated,” said former U.S. ambassador to the Ukraine Steven Pifer.

Due to the Russian efforts to react to the interference of Obama, Soros and neocons in Ukraine in 2014, the U.S. and EU have isolated Russia through sanctions.

Pifer believes that Russia is developing potential economic and military partnerships with other isolated nations as a response to its current international isolation.

One of these potential economic and military partnerships is with Venezuela, whose oil has been coveted by Americans, Russians and others. In fact, the U.S. has been one of the main buyers of the Venezuelan oil.

Even though I can, as a conservative evangelical, support the Russian law against homosexual indoctrination of children and adolescents, I cannot in any way support Russian involvement in Venezuela, because the Venezuelan people is suffering very much under socialism, which was chosen by a nation 96 percent Catholic and where the Catholic Church is traditionally supportive of Liberation Theology.

Russians could use as an excuse for such involvement the fact that they are isolated, but there is no excuse for it, from a Christian perspective.

Yet, if Russia, which is isolated, has no excuse, so is with the U.S., which is not isolated, but keeps Saudi Arabia in a privileged partnership while the Saudis bomb schools and hospitals in Yemen, having already killed over 80,000 children.

There is a humanitarian tragedy in Venezuela, because of socialism. And there is a bigger humanitarian tragedy in Yemen, because of the Saudis and U.S. weapons. In fact, the Saudi war in Yemen is considered the largest humanitarian tragedy in the world.

Even though some right-wing activists conjecture that a partnership between Venezuela and Russia is a communist plot, when even Trump has never called the modern Russia “communist,” this is not about capitalism and communism. It is not about ideology. It is just about greed for oil, just as the partnership between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia is just about greed for oil. Oil is the lifeblood of political insanity in our age. It is also behind many bloody wars.

In 2016, Trump accused Crooked Hillary and Obama, aided by Saudis, of creating ISIS, which raped and slaughtered thousands of Christians. In fact, ISIS was the main genocide machine against Christians in recent years. Trump has been unable to chastise Saudi Arabia, Obama and Hillary for this criminal creation.

The role of the U.S. as the World’s Policeman has been disastrous for Christians in the world. In the trail of U.S. military invasions and interference, there is Christian blood shedding, and Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan are sad examples.

Obama and other U.S. left-wing presidents used the U.S. government and its power as a bad World’s Policeman. Other Obamas and worse left-wingers will come to the U.S. presidency. So the bad World’s Policeman will be always visiting the world, and isolating nations and creating killing machines as ISIS.

Relationship with Saudi Arabia is vastly worse than a relationship with Venezuela. Even so, the U.S. and Russia are wrong in their relationships, with isolation or not.

If Russia were not isolated, would it have better relationships? So why doesn’t the U.S., which is not isolated, have better relationships?

Russia should leave all interference in Venezuela for oil, and the U.S. should leave all interference in Crimea and Ukraine, which is the cradle of the Russian civilization and Christianity.

It is not healthy to keep Russia isolated just because Obama, Soros and neocons decided so years ago. Trump should break this unfair stranglehold, just as he wanted to do in 2016.

It is not also healthy to be the World’s Policeman. America has a virtually rotative government system. Socialist Obama ruled America and the world for 8 years, imposing, by law, diplomacy and propaganda, homosexuality. Trump’s State Department is keeping this bad work of Obama, just as Trump is keeping and increasing on Russia the same sanctions Obama had imposed. This is not healthy and goes against what George Washington wanted for America.

It is very hard to support Trump’s conservative measures while he supports the Islamic dictatorship of Saudi Arabia. It is also very hard to support Putin’s conservative measures while he supports Maduro’s Venezuela. It is a decision where you should reject everything of them or partially support them. I choose the latter. I choose to support only their conservative measures, not their political insanities.

Nicolas Maduro, the communist dictator in Venezuela, should be overthrown. Saudi Arabia, the main sponsor of Islamic terrorism in the world, should have a complete regime change, but how can it be done if it is protected by U.S. military bases? How can it be done if Saudi Arabia is the main buyer of U.S. arms?

By supporting Saudi Arabia, Trump and his administration are accomplices of the Saudi crimes. By supporting Nicolas Maduro, Putin and his administration are accomplices of his crimes.

I do not support isolation for America and Russia, even though I support isolation for Saudi Arabia and North Korea. Obama’s isolation of Russia is provoking today many consequences.

My perspective is spiritual and evangelical. Years ago I met American prophet Chuck Pierce in Brazil. He told that if Brazil got closer to Israel, God was going to give a special anointing to Brazil. Then he had a vision about what would happen if Brazil began to develop into an international power: He saw the U.S. government encircling and stifling Brazil economically and militarily. He saw the U.S. filled with envy. He saw the U.S. totally determined to hinder Brazil’s economic rise.

What would Brazil do if it were isolated by the U.S., which has today about 800 military bases in 148 countries? Under U.S. sanctions, would Brazil seek partnership with Zimbabwe and Burundi?

While the non-isolated U.S. uses Ukraine to provoke Russia and isolated Russia uses Venezuela to provoke the U.S., innocent people are suffering.

China is today the largest communist nation in the world, and the U.S. has not worked to isolate China. Some right-wing U.S. presidents, as George H.W. Bush, even ignore huge Chinese communist crimes. Since Nixon (right-wing), the U.S. has been giving to communist China a privileged economic status. Why isolate Russia that has left communist almost 30 years ago? Why this feral antagonism?

America, as a Masonic empire, is at war against the America that was founded by a population 98 percent Protestant. She is at war, since Obama, also against Russia and its conservatism, isolating it and crippling its economy.

How can Trump use America as a good World’s Policeman if he is under a neocon stranglehold? How can Trump have his dreamed partnership with Russia if he is under the stranglehold of neocons, who are anti-Russian? How can Russia move as a nation under a neocon stranglehold imposed originally by Obama, Crooked Hillary and neocons?

Only God can help an isolated nation. And only God can deal with the U.S. for isolating nations to serve the interest of Obama, Soros and neocons.

May God deliver Trump from the neocon stranglehold and use him to draw the U.S. away from the Masonic ambition to make America the World’s Policeman, an empire and engine for the New World Order. May God use Trump to make America great again as a Christian and blessed Bible-reading nation, just as America was in her foundation.

With information from NewsWeek.

Portuguese version of this article: Rússia isolada e o Policial do Mundo


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