Islamic State Doubles Promised 72 Virgins for New Jihadists Killed by Americans

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By Dean Garrison BarbWire guest contributor

Though I have a hard time taking this seriously, please understand that this story is real. A Sudanese Islamic holy man has now sweetened the deal. The bounty is now 144 virgins for those that qualify.

Qualification is simple. Just get killed by an American.

Islamic terrorists have never been taught the concept of quality over quantity it would seem. Many will be sure to accept and fulfill their part of the deal and there are many among us who will be willing to help them meet their objectives.

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In fact, our friend Nick Powers specializes in this sort of thing. He will be more than happy to send these Sudanese terrorists to their prophet Mohammed.

It seems the Islamic State needs to up the ante when trying to recruit those who would charge to their certain deaths at the hands of Americans. 72 virgins are no longer enough. The standard is now 144.

Am I the only one who finds that thought exhausting?


I don’t proclaim to completely understand Islam or any of its depraved perversions.

This Sudanese Mufti has it down however:

Recently, one of the ISIL muftis in Sudan, with distorting the narrations of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), has tried to induce young Sudanese to join terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria.

To encourage his audience he distributed Hoor Al-ayn (heavenly women) among them and said: “Whoever to be killed at the hands of the heretics will receive 72 virgin Hoor Al-ayn in janat (heaven) and they can intercede for 70 members of their families on the Day of Judgment.

He continued: “But, whoever to be killed at the hands of Americans will receive 144 virgin Hoor Al-ayn in janat and they are able to intercede for 140 members of their families.

It was not enough for him, so he falsely added another narrative and said: “Our prophet allowed us to kill children and women of infidels“!

Can they really not understand why no one tends to take their religious doctrines seriously? Is Allah running a special this month? Where did this come from? Is a coupon required?

I am sure that many young Sudanese men will take the bait, but, as has been asked many times, what do the young women get for their sacrifice?

Perhaps, for the sake of the Muslimas, the legend of the 72 Virginians is true:


Sudanese Muslims need not sweat the details or obsess over the fine print. I am sure this Mufti is as good as any. I’m sure he went to a top notch Mufti school. There are plenty of Americans who would be glad to take care of you.

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