Islamic Country Stripped of 2019 World Para Swimming Championship Due to Banning of Israelis

Have you noticed that the liberal left, progressives and socialists, all who call for tolerance are usually the most intolerant of all?

They condemn Christians over the biblical teaching against sins like homosexuality, adultery and fornication.

Yet, at the same time, they tend to support Muslims who are even stricter in their views of homosexuality.

They condemn conservatives for not being totally inclusive while supporting a religion that is the most exclusive of all.

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The world in general is much the same, but to the surprise of many, the 2019 World Para Swimming Championships have been pulled from Malaysia over their excluding (banning) of Jews.

BBC Sport – World Para Swimming Championships: Malaysia stripped of hosting 2019 event – Malaysia has been stripped of hosting the 2019 World Para Swimming Championships for refusing to let Israelis compete, says the International Paralympic Committee.

Malaysia, which is a majority Muslim country, banned the athletes because of what Kuala Lumpur sees as Israel’s poor treatment of Palestinians.

The Israeli foreign ministry condemned the decision and accused Malaysia of anti-Semitism.

The event was due to begin on 29 July.

“When a host country excludes athletes from a particular nation, for political reasons, then we have absolutely no alternative but to look for a new championships host,” said International Paralympic Committee (IPC) president Andrew Parsons…

Notice that most of you have not heard of Malaysia losing the international swimming event.

That’s the because the mainstream media generally supports Islamic nations report against Jews, not for them.

However, can you imagine if any Christian or Jewish nation banned Muslims from any kind of event?

The mainstream media would be all over it like ants at a picnic.



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