Islam, The Democrat’s Ugly Friend

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By Shaun Lewis

For the life of me, I cannot figure out WHY the President and other Democrats continuously defend Islam after events like Orlando. Even to the detriment of constitutional freedoms of gun owners. Yes, I know that most Dems hate guns.

Yes, I know that gun grabbers sit and wait for incidents involving the AR-15 platform and death to push an agenda of disarmament. I live in California where, following the San Bernardino attack, Lt. Gov. Newsom began essentially working to outlaw every semi-automatic weapon. But, WHY choose Islam as an ally rather than American Citizens.

Now, before the lefty militant wing attacks me for clearly stating that the terrorist is an American citizen, let me state the following:

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But, that doesn’t excuse the fact that of the Dem’s rush to defend Islam and the violence that has been perpetrated by Islamic Extremists at home and abroad. Look at Fort Hood, Clearly Hassan had been reaching out to Islamic Extremists, and yet after that was proven it was still classified as “Workplace Violence” (which I am still shocked that San Bernardino was not labelled workplace violence). Not a mention of Islam, other than a few blips in the media.

After the Boston Marathon Bombing, we were “cautioned against judging the motive” by many leftists, as they crossed their fingers and puckered, hoping it wasn’t Islamist Extremists. San Bernardino, the same thing. Chattanooga? Yup, abundance of caution. U.C. Merced and now Orlando, same rhetoric, only this time the President gave a speech mocking Republicans and those who questioned why he wouldn’t say “Radical Islam”. Really? That’s his line in the sand? .

 “We must caution to not judge too quickly”


When you have such overwhelming evidence that the incident is motivated by Islam, why do they continuously protect the suspect and their religion versus being honest with the American People? Even when their own traditional voter base is attacked, as in Orlando, they still defend the motive.


Gun Control?

Voter Base?

The answer, sadly, is both. I think the left looks at the Muslim voting base in America as the promised land, so to speak.

You see, it is a game of getting voters and keeping voters. If you accomplish both, you maintain power.

The left knows they have ever evolving groups popping up in the country that they can cultivate into voters. They know, even after Orlando, they get the vast majority of the LGBT vote. So now, with Islam being the fastest growing religion in the world (according to a 2015 Pew poll), Islamic voters will be a staple for Democrats. But first, they have to clean up their image.

You see, I acknowledge 2 things:

  1. Not every Muslim in the world is going to launch an attack on innocent people.
  1. Not every Democrat wants to push things like gun control for votes. Some actually believe, however misguided, that it would be for the better of the nation.

But, the biggest motivation for terror attacks in this world right now is Islam. The left is pushing to import refugee Muslims at a high rate of speed from Muslim countries. In order for the American people to keep approving of their actions, Islam needs to “Clean up its image,” much like the mean, pretty girl in high school who takes the nerdy ugly girl and vows to “clean her up,” the left goes to work!

The strange part is, for the vast majority of Muslims who are proud of their faith and who they are, they don’t seem to mind this disgusting pandering from the Left. The Left, who constantly pushes back against Religious freedoms. The Left, who has been “promoting” the LGBT movement for years. The Left, who “champions” woman’s rights (Ladies, you may be registering for the draft soon). The Left who, essentially, goes against a lot of what Islam stands for.

You see, the Left is a friend of popularity specifically to maintain power, plain and simple. They don’t mind what it takes, they just want to be the most popular girl in school, no matter how much of a pretentious, lying and pandering b*tch that may make them!

“Sack Head” Shaun Lewis is a co-owner of SHR Media and co-host of Sack Heads Radio Show, which airs every Wednesday at 8 PM PST on Twitter:@edgeofliberty Facebook: Sack Head Shaun.

First published at SHR Media

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