Islam and Germany: The Poison of Political Correctness

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What we saw in Germany on New Year’s Eve is the result of the toxicity of Cultural Marxism, combined with Islamic doctrine…followed by a large dose of  craven leadership.

It’s the recipe for the end of Western Civilization.

Sound like an extreme conclusion? Consider the ingredients…

Cultural Marxism/Multiculturalism:

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In case you were under the false impression that Communism went out with the fall of the USSR, think again…both communism and Leftists are alive and well right here in America. We’re unaware of their code words, but quite familiar with them. They include terms such as: sensitivity and tolerance, social justice, economic justice, reproductive rights, sex education and safe sex, safe schools, peace, inclusion and diversity. All designed to make society vulnerable to a ‘divide and conquer’ by totalitarian systems like Islam.

This is Cultural Marxism masquerading as multiculturalism.

Islamic Doctrine:

Devout followers of Islam (you know, the ones who were moderate before they weren’t) know their duty as good Muhammedans. Conquer the Earth for Islam (Quran 61:9, 48:28, and 9:33).

This includes:

  • ..lying to the kuffar for the sake of Islam (Quran 16:106; 5:32)
  • Forced conversions (Quran 8:30; 9:29)
  • Violence toward the Kuffar or infidels (109 violent verses)
  • ..invitation to Islam, prior to violence for rejecting Muhammed (Quran 125-128)
  • ..164 Quranic verses for violent Jihad
  • ..migration Jihad (Sura 8:74)

And last, but not least…craven leadership:

The parade of cowering chieftains from Cameron (UK), to Merkel (GE), to Obama, to even local officials like Philly’s Mayor Kenney…Western leaders have been singing from the same obtuse hymnal and have jumped to the defense of Islam anytime an Islamic jihad has occurred. Like an advocate on retainer, they have leaped to the defense of an ideology that loathes humanity and desires only to corral it…or kill it…whichever comes first.

The last ingredient in this toxic tonic is the key to whether free people remain free…or enter the dustbin of history, before their time.

Author Serge Trifkovic once said: “Pandering to Islam’s geopolitical designs, and sacrificing smaller Christian nations is counterproductive…such morsels will only whet the Islamic appetite, paving the way to a major confrontation some time in this century. The price of delusions is going up. The time to sell off is now.”

It’s time for ‘we the people’ to demand our leaders “sell off.”

Shalom through strength…

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