ISIS Takes 700 Hostages in Syria, including US and European Citizens

Over the past few months, there have been reports claiming that ISIS is has been greatly weakened by US efforts to defeat the terrorist organization.

Like so many other news stories today, the report may have painted the wrong picture of where ISIS stands today.

ISIS militants raided a refugee camp in Syrian, taking 700 hostages, including US and European citizens.

The camp was located in an area supposedly controlled by US-backed forces.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin says that ISIS has made demands and that they will execute 10 hostages ever day until demands are met and that they have already started the executions.

Daily Mail –  ISIS has kidnapped 700 people, including dozens of women and children, from a refugee camp in eastern Syria, and will ‘kill ten hostages every day’ unless their demands are met, Vladimir Putin said today.

The Islamist terrorists have already murdered a number of hostages, and have warned of daily executions to come, the Russian President said.

ISIS fighters attacked the refugee camp in Syria’s Deir-al Zor province last week, and kidnapped some 130 families, including several U.S. and European nationals, who may be foreign fighters or aid workers.

Images shared on social media by terrorist monitoring groups allegedly shows ISIS fighters attacking and kidnapping fighters from the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces in the same area the day before

Among those being executed are entire families, some of which are the widows and children of ISIS terrorists who have been killed.

Over the past couple of years, ISIS has lost most of the territory they had controlled in Syria, but vowed to return.

To get their message through, ISIS has been attacking civilian targets, a move that some believe is designed to frighten civilians into cooperating with them.



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