‘ISIS Has Killed Doctors Who Cared For Refugees’

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I recently received word that the number of refugees RUN Ministries is caring for at their “Community of Hope” refugee camps jumped 20 percent over one weekend. Eric Watt and his team of volunteers now are working to provide food, water, medicine, shelter, and protection to more than 9,000 Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities forced from their homes by ISIS.

I also learned today that the health crisis in northern Iraq is worse than originally thought. RUN volunteers report that ISIS terrorists are targeting doctors and hospitals. This morning, in yet another shocking and disturbing email, Eric wrote:

What we have learned continues to be sad, discouraging, and heart-breaking. Many doctors and health care professionals, as well as hospitals and clinics, have been threatened and attacked by the terrorists. In fact, ISIS has threatened everyone and even killed doctors who cared for refugees. Many medical facilities in northern Iraq are completely closed.

However, thanks to the prayers and support of many, we have managed to find a team of health care workers willing to risk their lives and work with our teams. Now, we need urgent medical supplies.

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Today, I approved the ordering of medicines—even though we don’t have all the funding—because I know that “God will supply our needs.” Please join me in caring for these refugees by providing: clean water, mosquito nets, antibiotic ointments, anti-malaria, anti-diarrhea, and many other medicines and supplies.

Your gift of any amount will be used to help the thousands of Iraqi men, women, and children who have lost everything, even loved ones, to ISIS.

Your help is needed now to impact the medical and humanitarian crises in northern Iraq

Again, Eric and his network of believers from across the Middle East are now caring for more than 9,000 displaced Christians and other religious minorities in northern Iraq. In addition to providing food, water, shelter, and protection in the heart of ISIS territory, RUN Ministries is battling to meet refugees’ urgent medical needs as part of these extreme and ongoing crises.

The Iraqi men, women and children under RUN’s care and protection have lost everything to ISIS violence. Terrorists have also killed several members of Eric’s volunteer team. Your help is needed now to make an immediate impact.

So far, RUN Ministries has raised about half of what’s needed to provide medicine and medical supplies to some 9,000 Iraqi refugees under their care. This expense is over and above the already staggering costs of food, water, shelter, and protection from ISIS terrorists. So your help is desperately needed.

Eric tells me that many refugees arrive at RUN’s “Community of Hope” camps after surviving beatings, torture, and even sexual assaults by ISIS terrorists. Still others have been made sick by their grueling journey to escape the violence and genocide. Whether today is your first gift, or if you’ve given to RUN Ministries before, please consider making a donation of any amount now.

Please stand with RUN’s brave, selfless volunteers to meet the needs of so many who have lost so much. Your continued prayer and financial support are greatly appreciated. God bless you.

Click here to help RUN Ministries meet these urgent medical and humanitarian needs.

Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action

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Mathew D. Staver
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