Is There Hope for California’s Supreme Court?

I’ve often written that California is THE most liberal state in all of America, led by far-left liberals who are really socialists in Democrats’ disguise.

Among California’s most notable liberals include Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris, but these are all those the state sent to Washington.

Over that past 8 years, the most notable liberal running California is outgoing Gov. Jerry Brown.

As many outgoing politicians often do, Brown has been trying to commute the sentences of various convicts.

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California’s Supreme Court has regularly been known for its liberal rulings, but just when one thinks there is no hope for the court, they show signs of decency as they begin blocking some of Brown’s recommendations to commute the sentences of some prisoners.

The Sacramento Bee – Court rejects Jerry Brown’s clemency orders for 3 more California killers – The California Supreme Court this week rejected three more of Gov. Jerry Brown’s recommendations to commute sentences of longtime prison inmates who he believed had reformed behind bars, including a Sacramento man who beat a man to death in 1997.

The court in recent weeks now has denied 10 of Brown’s clemency actions, the first time it has exercised that power in half a century.

The latest denials followed Brown’s annual Christmas Eve clemency actions that included 143 pardons and 131 commutations. Nine of the 10 inmates whose commutations were rejected had been convicted of participating in homicides.

Brown’s clemency actions are part of his effort to rethink prison sentencing in his second run as California governor. He has sought to provide more opportunities for parole, aiming to give inmates incentives to improve themselves while in custody. He has also handed down more pardons and commutations than any other California governor…

Consider that Brown has been one of California’s leading Democratic leaders for many years.

Brown is trying to set over 250 prisoners free before he leaves office.

Don’t forget that he is also one of the state’s greatest proponents of making the entire state a sanctuary state for illegal aliens, caring nothing about how they have sucked the state’s funding dry and victimize thousands of American citizens.

Like so many other Democrats, Brown values convicted felons and illegal aliens more than he values law-abiding American citizens.



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