Is There a Correlation Between Stricter Gun Laws and Crime?

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Is there a correlation between stricter gun laws and crime? And the answer to that is “Absolutely there is a correlation between stricter gun laws and crime!” But it may surprise you as to what the results are.

Mat Staver: Matt, every time you have someone use a gun to kill another individual, whether it’s in this particular case in California, with regards to the radical Islamic terrorist act, that were creating pipe bombs as a matter of fact, or some other situation. The secularists always want to say, “We need more gun control! We need stricter gun laws because people should not have these weapons in their possession!”

The question is, are there statistics that show a linkage between strict gun laws and crimes committed with guns? And the answer is yes, you have some information to share.

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Matt Barber: Well I do. First of all it’s pretty clear based on information coming out of the CDC — the Center for Disease Control Prevention — that gun control, the gun control left, the gun control advocates are definitely not card-carrying members of Mensa! They keep pushing gun control, stricter gun control laws, when we even have on record many of these mass shooters saying. “Oh no…I’m intentionally targeting gun-free zones because I know that I won’t get any pushback. I can kill as many people as possible without any able to defend themselves.”

Well the CDC has released a study that indicates that since 1993, 1993 – 2013 more guns were sold as states passed easier conceal carry laws, gun violence rates have been cut in half! So the typical left just pushes the lie that more guns mean more gun violence. That’s not true…

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