Is the Church Becoming Too Political?

Listen to pastors or Bible teachers on your local radio station or watch them on television, and before long you will hear an apology for “being political” whenever a moral issue is introduced.  The fear of controversy has captivated many local churches to the extent that fundamental issues of morality are usually avoided.  Apprehension over broaching what is considered the domain of politics is understandable in our combative and litigious postmodern culture.  But it also illustrates a fatal flaw.

In many ways the Church has ceded its legitimate moral authority to the lawless state, or worse, to a godless and depraved secular culture.  As a result, most pastors, ministers and evangelists either side-step moral issues altogether or speak the truth sheepishly and without conviction.  And yet, we know that anything short of unambiguous denouncement of sin is always interpreted as tacit approval.

There is no clearer example of the Church’s failure to proclaim truth in the United States than the fact that abortion is still widely practiced after forty-five years.  The total number of people killed by abortion in America now exceeds the masses exterminated by Hitler and Stalin combined.  Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin were responsible for 57 million deaths in the last century.  Over 61 million innocent children have been silently put to death in the U.S. since 1973, under the auspices of choice.  The abortion holocaust may well be America’s most devastating self-inflicted wound.

On September 11, 2001, the late Rev. Jerry Falwell suggested that the attacks on the World Trade Center towers may have occurred because God had removed His hand of protection from the United States as a way to get people’s attention to our grievous national sins.  The reaction was swift and vicious.  For his remarks, Dr. Falwell was excoriated by liberals in Washington and the media.  Since that time, the anti-life Left has become even more belligerent, a fact that was demonstrated during Democrat interrogations of Supreme Court nominee, Bret Kavanaugh, at his Senate confirmation hearings.

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Abortion is certainly not the only repugnancy where the Church has refused to stand.  But it is the fountainhead of many others.  It’s been widely stated that the measure of any society is how it treats its weakest members.  A culture that will accept the slaughter of its most innocent and helpless is incapable of no gruesome butchery.

As tragic as is the ghastly brutality of our secular culture, the woeful ignorance and lack of understanding in mainline churches are without excuse.  It’s not uncommon to find nominal Christians who profess themselves to be pro-life and even anti-abortion.  But ask them to join with others to stand up or speak out on behalf of the unborn, and they fade away like the early morning fog on a summer’s day.

Homosexuality is no longer challenged in most mainline churches.  It is accepted as freely as the season’s new fashions.  Gender confusion and so-called “transgenderism” are the new fads in America’s stinking foray into the abyss of gross wickedness.  Methodism’s founder, John Wesley, might have helped us predict this if we knew that he said, “What one generation tolerates, the next generation will embrace.”

The fall campaign of Forty Days for Life begins on the 26th of September.  To participate, volunteers can go to their nearest Planned Parenthood facility to stand and pray, carry signs and pray, sing and pray, or tend to broken hearts and pray throughout the period.  Whatever else volunteers do, prayer is essential.

By overwhelmingly numbers, public opinion favors life rather than death.  Encouraging God’s people to apply action to their professions is where the battle has now moved.  The time is right to demand that taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood death camps be terminated.  The venal rotating door that shuttles tax dollars from diabolical special interest groups like Planned Parenthood, labor unions, the entertainment industry and some corporations to Democrat politicians and back to the groups must be dismantled.

There will always be political opinion present in churches.  People bring their views with them.  The problem is not that political opinions exist in the Church.  The problem is that the views which often prevail are not consistent with the commands of God.  His laws are not subject to change or alterable by human decree.  In this respect, the Church is becoming too political.

Moral issues are the rightful domain of the Church alone.  Churches become politicized when denominational policies, beliefs or position statements run contrary to scripture; they run afoul when they exceed their office and purpose, not when they stand firmly on the truth.  The command to the Christian is to be salt and light.  Neither one to the exclusion of the other is of any value and can even be destructive.

The Church becomes too political, not when it proclaims biblical truth, but when it supplants truth with the opinions of man.


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Timothy Buchanan is a US Navy veteran and the author of two published books, “The Threat from within: Denial of Truth” and “The Boobonic Plague.” He’s a former defense contractor, broadcast engineer, and he currently lives with his wife near the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.

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